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  • 1CC's Intro (Live)00:52
  • 2Señorita (Live)08:25
  • 3Menagerie (Live)10:26
  • 4BF On The Waltse (Live)01:00
  • 5Waltse For Abby (Live)08:25
  • 6CC And BF On Joban (Live)01:37
  • 7Joban Dna Nopia (Live)09:19
  • 8The Climb (Live)03:43
  • 9Mountain (Live)05:30
  • 10Brazil (Live)09:01
  • 11The Enchantment (Live)09:46
  • 12BF On Bugle Call (Live)00:16
  • 13Bugle Call Rag (Live)03:38
  • 14CC And BF On Dutilleux (Live)01:01
  • 15Prelude En Berceuse (From Au Gré Des Ondes) (Live)03:35
  • 16Children's Song No. 6 (Live)14:49
  • 17CC And BF On Spectacle (Live)02:22
  • 18Spectacle (Live)06:34
  • 19Sunset Road (Live)10:30
  • 20Armando's Rhumba (Live)03:51
  • Total Runtime01:54:40

Info for Two (Live)

Chick Corea & Béla Fleck two master songwriters, musicians, and band leaders meet in a historic duet of piano and banjo. The Grammy-winning duet will combine Corea and Fleck’s most recognizable tunes with the music from their Latin Grammy-winning album The Enchantment and their extraordinary live set Two (originally released in 2015 and now available on vinyl as well). With a mix of jazz and pop standards, crossing a myriad of genres, from jazz, bluegrass, rock, flamenco and gospel, this will be a casual, intimate evening with two legends from different musical worlds.

"At times here, it feels as if through their playing and, even more important, the highly attuned way they listen to each other, a portal opens up into an alternate universe where the possibilities are unlimited." (JazzTimes)

"There was plenty of fast-fingered virtuosity on display, but this seemed almost beside the point. The best pleasures here came not from individual exploits, but the interplay of two voices." (Boston Globe)

"Two will offer those who missed The Enchantment an even more robust entry-point into an experience that could have only been created by these two musical frontiersmen. And for those who were lucky enough to catch a live performance all of those years ago or to have heard the studio recording, Two delivers a whole lot more of something that was hard to get enough of. It also means that Fleck and Corea are back out on the road with their enchanting music." (Eric Russ,

Chick Corea, piano
Bela Fleck, banjo

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