if You Feel Xavier Omär

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Label: XO Creative Club/RCA Records

Genre: R&B

Subgenre: Soul

Interpret: Xavier Omär

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  • 1FIND ME.04:25
  • 2Something Changed03:47
  • 3All Our Time02:46
  • 4So Much More04:15
  • 5want/need01:36
  • 6SURF03:22
  • 7Protect02:01
  • 8Bone Iverre03:14
  • 9More Than Less02:26
  • 10Lil' Healer03:50
  • 11Like I Feel03:46
  • Total Runtime35:28

Info zu if You Feel

R&B trailblazer Xavier Omär announces his upcoming album "if You Feel" set for release on October 23 via RCA Records. if You Feel is the San Antonio native’s follow-up to Moments Spent Loving You, a collaborative album with producer Sango.

“I wrote this song at a time where I was thinking back over my youth and the days all of my friends and I were free to just be together and enjoy our friendship,” Omär explains. “I’ve missed that as we’ve grown up and especially now during what’s supposed to be a quarantine. We went from worry free to having our days filled with them. Now, more than ever, I just miss the companionship.”

The 11-track body of work is an introspective celebration of a story of the love that Omär has found with his wife, Christin. At the album’s center is “So Much More,” the first single from if You Feel, which features melodies as warm and delicate as watching shadows flicker on a wall. The accompanying music video, created almost entirely from intimate home videos, is further proof why Rated R&B said the song is a “strong contender for the wedding song of the year.”

“This album means finding a moment for every emotion I may have, whether in love, friendship, or how I feel about myself, and allowing myself to fully feel that emotion even if it’s negative," Omär explains. “I need to feel the fullness of each emotion to either keep it with me or learn from it.”

Xavier Omär

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