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Label: Hospital Records

Genre: Electronic

Subgenre: Ambient

Interpret: London Elektricity

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FLAC 44.1 $ 8,90
  • 1Singing Ringing Tree05:38
  • 2Phase Us05:13
  • 3Swivel06:00
  • 4Impossible To Say05:11
  • 5Drop Ship05:05
  • 6Why Are We Here?04:28
  • 7Artificial Skin05:45
  • 8Parallax04:16
  • 9Tenderless04:52
  • 10Tape Loops05:38
  • 11Telefunken Lizard Filter05:30
  • 12Seven Days to Live04:59
  • 13Tone Poem06:15
  • 14That Thing You Did04:11
  • 15Are We There Yet? (Continuous Mix)50:17
  • Total Runtime02:03:18

Info zu Are We There Yet?

“Are We There Yet?” is the sixth studio album from London Elektricity out on the 6th November on his own nineteen-year-old label Hospital Records.

Over 14 tracks “Are We There Yet?” combines beautiful chord progressions recorded from his own Steinway piano - a family heirloom passed down through generations - with perfect vocal harmonies from Tony himself, Emer Dineen, Pete Simpson and a welcomed return of award-winning jazz singer Lianne Carroll all underlain with rolling percussion and enveloping bass lines.

From the uplifting and playful opening of “Singing Ringing Tree” to the soulful “Why Are We Here?”, the spine-tingling roller “Artificial Skin” right through the deeper layers of “Dropship”, London Elektricity’s latest project incorporates a number of styles whilst still keeping to the true and world famous “London Elektricity” sound.

Best experienced in its entirety, “Are We There Yet?” maintains the live finesse which London Elektricity is known for, giving a gentle reminder to the paramount success of “London Elektricity Live” in the early 00's.

Since his last album “Yikes!” London Elektricity has continued to grow his drum & bass empire, overseeing the development of two labels, a number of talented artists and internationally renowned events brand “Hospitality”. His encyclopedic knowledge of music spans across several decades and in turn gives a unique quality to his own production as is clear with the outstanding “Are We There Yet?”

London Elektricity

London Elektricity
The co-founder and CEO of Hospital Records and sister label Med School, mastermind behind the multi award-winning Hospital podcast, producer and vinyl-only DJ, has been instrumental in the development of D+B as we know it today.

Responsible for some of Hospital's biggest anthems, such as 'Billion Dollar Gravy", 'Different Drum" and 'Just One Second", London Elektricity has cultivated a first class reputation as both a producer and DJ and continues to push the genre he fell in love with in the mid 1990s to this day.

With an impressive back catalogue of singles, EPs, remixes and no less than five artist studio albums and two live albums under his belt, London Elektricity is an undisputed legend in the D+B scene with legions of fans and a global following. His debut album 'Pull The Plug" was released on Hospital in 1999, with the follow up 'Billion Dollar Gravy" in 2003 and 'Power Ballads" in 2005.

Between 2003 and 2005 Tony fronted London Elektricity Live with jazz/soul legend Liane Caroll, vocalist MC Wrec, co-producer Landslide and The Jungle Drummer. Touring everywhere from Birmingham to Brazil, they released two DVDs – 'Live Gravy" (2005) and 'Live At The Scala" (2007).

Returning to the studio in 2008 London Elek created his fourth studio album 'Syncopated City" followed by album number five, 'Yikes!" in 2011, which features the vocal talents of Swedish vocalist Elsa Esmeralda and was launched at the iconic Hospitality Brixton.

In recent years London Elektricity has continued to push the boundaries of drum & bass with his talented roster of artists signed to the ever-growing label that is Hospital. With London Elek leading the way, last year the drum and bass powerhouse took home two impressive sound-clash trophies; with London Elek's mixing abilities and knock-out selection taking out all competitors in the BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra Drum & Bass Soundclash and V Festival's Rudimental vs Hospital Allstars takeover.

In 2014 Tony also worked on an exciting project, alongside S.P.Y and Diane Charlemagne, creating the soundtrack for the incredible Street Child World Cup in Rio – 'I Am Somebody". Of course London Elektricity continues to tour the globe, having already hit Australia, New Zealand and Japan in just the first half of 2015. Somehow he's also managed to squeeze in enough time in the studio to work on his highly anticipated sixth studio album, just watch this space.

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