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FLAC 176.4 $ 14,40
  • Maarten van Veen (), Maya Fridman (): XIII:
  • 1Veen, Fridman: XIII07:42
  • VIII (A):
  • 2Veen, Fridman: VIII (A)02:14
  • VIII (B):
  • 3Veen, Fridman: VIII (B)04:50
  • XIX:
  • 4Veen, Fridman: XIX06:37
  • XXIV:
  • 5Veen, Fridman: XXIV03:55
  • X:
  • 6Veen, Fridman: X03:24
  • VI:
  • 7Veen, Fridman: VI03:40
  • XXV:
  • 8Veen, Fridman: XXV05:57
  • XXXI:
  • 9Veen, Fridman: XXXI07:06
  • XVIII:
  • 10Veen, Fridman: XVIII05:14
  • Total Runtime50:39

Info zu Nuït

This album pays tribute to the goddess of the night sky, Nuit, depicted on the Stele of Revealing as a woman bending over the earth with a body completely covered in stars.

In August 2020 the adventurous cellist Maya Fridman met pianist and conductor Maarten van Veen, with whom she felt an immediate musical click. Van Veen is a conductor with the DoelenEnsemble and known for duo piano playing with his brother Jeroen van Veen and Ralph van Raat. With the latter he recently recorded the latest works of John Adams.

Something magical happened between Fridman and Van Veen and both felt simultaneously that something unique was developing between them. They had deep conversations and came up with the extraordinary idea of recording a completely improvised recital with 'Nuit', the Ancient Egyptian goddess of the universe, as the central theme. One of Van Veen's passions is to look at the starry sky at night with his telescope, something he also managed to make Fridman enthusiastic about. A great experience, which would become the starting point for an exceptionally inspired musical duet, in which both musicians search for and ultimately find each other in their deepest essence.

Maya Fridman, cello
Maarten van Veen, piano

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