Vikings Chant SKÁLD

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Label: Decca Records France

Genre: Folk

Subgenre: Folk Rock

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  • 1Enn Átti Loki Fleiri Börn01:21
  • 2Rún02:39
  • 3Valfreyjudrápa03:03
  • 4Níu03:03
  • 5Flúga02:30
  • 6Gleipnir04:05
  • 7Krákumál03:18
  • 8Ó Valhalla03:33
  • 9Ec Man Iõtna01:58
  • 10Yggdrasill03:32
  • 11Ódinn03:06
  • 12Ginnunga04:04
  • 13Jóga03:34
  • Total Runtime39:46

Info zu Vikings Chant

French Viking band. When few singers decided to get a project together on the ancient history of Viking chants. Inspired by Nordic mythology. Developed over time by a group of enthusiasts, the project originated when producer-composer Christophe Voisin-Boisvinet encountered a trio of talented singers whose voices had atypical timbres. Together they decided to breathe new life into the poetry of the ancient skalds, whose ancient language – Old Norse – told stories of the Vikings and their gods.

I must say I didn’t know what to expect since I am not familiar with this kind of band. Most “Viking” bands have a closer sound to Black Metal…Skald is a surprise for everyone. A beautiful cover artwork sending you in the north pole with flashy colors showing you in those cold places there is life.

They are using the old language which is sounding extraordinary making you think this is a nordic band ! The voices are powerful mixed with melody. Take a flight to the underworld, the old time of imagination and hard life. We don’t know much about those ancient times but thanks to Skald who brings us a bit of history with this amazing album.

Thirteen songs with magic and sound that sometimes reminds me melodies from Mike Oldfield, Kate Bush, Sinéad O’Connor even though this is completely different. Some song make you think of those music played to be relaxed when you have a massage or just want to get out of this noisy world.

You also can feel like you are in an Indian tribe getting you float in the air like an eagle shredding the sky. It is out of time, a piece of your mind you can feel during this hearing moment. Those songs are unfortunately too short, but don’t worry you can play the album again and again when you will have it in your possession.


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