Beautiful Light The Milestones

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Label: Turenki Records

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Blues Rock

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FLAC 44.1 $ 11,30
  • 1Lonesome Train03:35
  • 2Drivin' Back Home04:14
  • 3The Way to the Great Unknown04:47
  • 4True Love04:33
  • 5Madness & Delight05:26
  • 6Because of You03:09
  • 7Lay My Grave on the Mountain High04:17
  • 8Beautiful Light05:02
  • 9Sure I Want You03:08
  • 10Signs of Life04:30
  • 11Message from the Road00:54
  • Total Runtime43:35

Info zu Beautiful Light

The Milestones 5th album – offers the listener an organic and diverse rock experience!

The Milestones know that classic rock is still alive and kicking! Beautiful Light is their salute to the traditional rock n’ roll style, with explosive guitars, rough sounds, easy-running grooves, as well as melodic, soulful, and sensible rock music.

The Helsinki-based group of five musicians rely on the dialog of two guitars and a jagged interpretation of 70s rock music. During the sessions, the guys left no musical stone unturned. The basic expression of their sound is down-to-earth and organic, but also very feisty. These kinds of records cannot be made by fondling your mouse at home; they require a traditional high-quality studio environment. During production, the group’s own vision was uncompromising, which, of course, led to some arm wrestling and moments of insanity. Naturally, that just made the end result even better.

The group produced the album independently, and proudly talk about the sessions: “On our new album you’ll hear the Milestones you know and love, along with some new twists. We made a couple of specials songs; the time was right and our experience helped to knit them together. We hope the album will withstand time and grow over multiple listens. We were uncompromising and gave every song its own natural life. We tried to create new structures for each composition in such a way that we won’t lose our traditional expression. The album was produced so that everything felt right.”

Fans loving traditional rock music should take a long draught of this album. These songs are based on the group’s 25-year experience, and the oldest song themes are from the 90s – the group’s early days.

The backing vocals are done by the superb Fabulettes (Mari Hatakka, Saara Soisalo, and Tiina Isohanni). Teijo Tikkanen, the group’s trusted studio wizard, is responsible for the tasty keyboard tracks. With these vocal and keyboard elements a bit of soul and “amorica” were added to the Milestones sound.

Recording engineer Pekka Laine and mixing engineer Petri Majuri did not want to over-produce this album. “Rough and jagged, with a hint of voodoo” – that was the group’s common ambition for this album’s sound.

The Milestones have released 4 albums since they got together in 1994. They have played hundreds of shows in Europe and the US supporting legends such as Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Gary Moore and D-A-D.

Olavi Tikka, vocals, harmonica
Tomi Julkunen, guitar
Marko Kiviluoma, guitar
Veli Palevaara, bass
Tommi Manninen, drums

The Milestones
Oh my GOD how time flies! It feels just like yesterday when these five rock'n roll rebels to be known as THE MILESTONES took their native home town Helsinki by force with their timeless and soulful rock'n roll, as they entered the legendary stage of the longest serving rock club in Europe, Tavastia Club on one cold Friday evening in January 1995.

I wasn't the only one who was impressed. Enter Mr. Hannu Leiden – the vocalist and songwriter of HAVANA BLACK – who had been on the verge of a major breakthrough in USA late eighties, as legendary manager Alan Niven had taken Hannu's band under his wing together with GUNS N' ROSES and GREAT WHITE.

Not one band had impressed Hannu in USA as much as these five Finnish whiskey rock'n rollers from the capital, so there and then he decided to form a record label to release an album by THE MILESTONES.

Vol. 1 saw the light of day in 1996 and boasted an opening track called "Ragged Lies", which would have made the likes of THE BLACK CROWES, AC/DC and LYNYRD SKYNYRD proud, if they had written it themselves!

In this case it was five unknown, but hugely talented Finnish rockers in their twenties rocking hard and kicking ass as they were trying to keep themselves warm living next to the arctic circle and Russia – when not drinking vodka, whiskey and rum straight from the bottle. Damn straight they were not damned and straight!

However, their hot rockin' didn't go unnoticed across the Atlantic and New York, as one room at the offices of Sony Music in New York blasted world class hard rock from Finland in ear-shattering volumes all day and night. Others in the office were dumbfounded: who are these guys? From Finland? You're kidding me!?!

So came the invitation: would you like to record an album in New York? Now it was THE MILESTONES' turn to be dumbfounded. To record in USA? You're kidding! It was do or die, now or never for the band – so off they went. Well, as these things often go, pressure to record and provide something commercially viable resulted in a watered-down end result known as ”Souvenirs” in 1999.

Ultimately it would take ten years for THE MILESTONES to heal the wounds.

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