Tú y Yo: Spanish Guitar Works Masatomo Tomikawa

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Label: OMF

Genre: Guitar

Subgenre: Classical Guitar

Interpret: Masatomo Tomikawa

Komponist: Manuel de Falla, José Ferrer, Sidney Pratten, Francisco Tárrega, Ángel Barrios, Francisco Calleja, José Brocá, Luis Soria, Trinidad Huerta, Julián Arcas, Jacques Bosch, Antonio Jimenez Manjón

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  • Manuel de Falla (1876 - 1946):
  • 1Falla: Homenaje "Pour le tombeau de Debussy"03:38
  • José Ferrer (1912 - 1992):
  • 2Ferrer: La Ausencia, Op. 6104:03
  • 3Ferrer: Pensées du soir, Op. 4403:51
  • Sidney Pratten (1824 - 1895): Songs Without Words (Excerpts):
  • 4Pratten: Songs Without Words (Excerpts): No. 91, Sadness02:17
  • 5Pratten: Songs Without Words (Excerpts): No. 92, A Lost Love02:27
  • 6Pratten: Songs Without Words (Excerpts): No. 93, A Lament "An Episode of Life"01:35
  • Francisco Tárrega (1852 - 1909):
  • 7Tárrega: Danza Mora02:46
  • 8Tárrega: Capricho Árabe05:43
  • Ángel Barrios (1882 - 1964):
  • 9Barrios: Los Olivaritos03:06
  • 10Barrios: Flor Granadina05:09
  • Arroyos de la Alhambra:
  • 11Barrios: Arroyos de la Alhambra: I. Evocación03:06
  • 12Barrios: Arroyos de la Alhambra: II. Tonadilla02:45
  • Francisco Calleja (1891 - 1950):
  • 13Calleja: Romanza04:08
  • José Brocá (1805 - 1882): Crepúsculos:
  • 14Brocá: Crepúsculos: No. 1, Andante01:28
  • 15Brocá: Crepúsculos: No. 2, Moderato02:05
  • 16Brocá: Crepúsculos: No. 3, Allegretto02:11
  • Luis Soria (1851 - 1935):
  • 17Soria: Seguidillas Manchegas01:17
  • 18Soria: Tango Flamenco02:17
  • Trinidad Huerta (1800 - 1874):
  • 19Huerta: Recuerdo Triste, Op. 6205:26
  • Julián Arcas (1832 - 1882):
  • 20Arcas: Bolero in A Minor02:21
  • Jacques Bosch (1825 - 1895):
  • 21Bosch: Passacaille02:21
  • 22Bosch: Plainte moresque, Op. 8502:45
  • Antonio Jimenez Manjón (1866 - 1919):
  • 23Manjón: Tú y Yo, Op. 505:03
  • Total Runtime01:11:48

Info zu Tú y Yo: Spanish Guitar Works

"Francisco Tárrega. How did the Romantic music in" Spanish Guitar "change through the work of guitarists who were active at the same time as him, who is called the father of modern guitar playing, such as Ferrer, Bosch, Manhon, and Mrs. Platten? I will look at it. The Romantics of "Spanish Guitar" was a series of trials and errors. There was always a guitar-like character in their work, which was synonymous with "Spanish". The writing style and aesthetics of the "Spanish guitar" music that they sought continue to maintain their life as "guitar-ness." With the advent of Manuel de Falla's "first full-scale guitar work by non-guitarists" (hymn "Dedicated to the Grave of Debussy"), classical guitar music has produced many modern and contemporary works since the 20th century. But even Falla hasn't forgotten the aesthetic of the "Spanish guitar" that guitarist composers have been aiming for by this point. In order to understand the genre of classical guitar since modern times, it is essential to know the works of Tarrega and the guitarists who were active around that time. The process of their conflict and trial and error became the "guide" to modern and contemporary guitar music ...

Masatomo Tomikawa,classical guitar

Masatomo Tomikawa
Japanese classical guitarist Masatomo Tomikawa was born on July 15, 1972 in Sapporo city, Hokkaido Prefecture.

Tomikawa spent his early childhood in Taiwan, from the age of 3 until before he entered elementary school.

He studied the classical guitar from the age of 12 under Yoshiki Saito in Sendai. After he graduated from the Miyagi Prefectural Sendai-Daini Senior High School, he entered the Department of Spanish Language and Hispanic Studies in Sophia University in Tokyo, specializing in Spanish art history. The title of his graduation thesis was “Neocasticismo in the music of Joaquin Rodrigo”

While attending university, he continued his studies in classical guitar with guitarist Takeshi Tezuka.

In 1994, he won first prize in the university division of the GLC student guitar competition. He was recommended to pursue his guitar studies overseas by visiting Spanish guitarist Maestro Jose Luis Gonzales. In 1996, Tomikawa traveled to Spain where he studied with JL Gonzales for two years in the city of Alcoy. But the Maestro passed away suddenly in 1998, making Tomikawa his last student.

Tomikawa then joined the prestigious Escola D’Arts Musicals Luthier in Barcelona where he studied with classical guitarist Alex Garrobe.

In 1999, Tomikawa won first prize in the guitar section of the Il Festival de Musicos Jovenes Barcelona (Barcelona music festival for young people) and other honours. He also won fourth prize at the 45th Kyushu Guitar Music Competition.

Tomikawa returned to Japan in 2000.

From 2001, he translated the Guitarist Dictionary by Domingo Prat for the Gendai Guitar magazine. He has also written many articles related to the classical guitar, including a series on the life of Spanish composer Isaac Albeniz and others.

He has a very wide repertory, ranging from pure Spanish works to modern music. In the fall of 2000, he performed Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez with the Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra.

He is currently active both as a solo performer and in ensembles, and is also very busy as a teacher.

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