Johann Bernhard Bach: Ouvertures L'Achéron and François Joubert-Caillet

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Label: Ricercar

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Chamber Music

Artist: L'Achéron and François Joubert-Caillet

Composer: Johann Bernhard Bach (1676-1749)

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  • Johann Bernhard Bach (1676-1749): Ouverture (Suite) in G-Dur:
  • 1I. Ouverture03:11
  • 2II. Gavotte en rondeau01:42
  • 3III. Sarabande01:54
  • 4IV. Bouree01:14
  • 5V. Air05:39
  • 6VI. Menuet00:51
  • 7VII. Gigue01:39
  • Ouverture (Suite) in E-Moll:
  • 8I. Ouverture04:20
  • 9II. Air (1)02:51
  • 10II. Les plaisirs01:53
  • 11III. Menuets I & II02:42
  • 12IV. Air (2)02:45
  • 13V. Rigaudon02:17
  • 14VI. Courante01:41
  • 15VII. Gavotte en rondeau02:23
  • Ouverture (Suite) in G-Moll:
  • 16I. Ouverture04:47
  • 17II. Air05:33
  • 18III. Rondeau01:42
  • 19IV. Loure03:51
  • 20V. Fantaisie03:11
  • 21VI. Passepied02:43
  • Ouverture (Suite) in D-Dur:
  • 22I. Ouverture03:20
  • 23II. Caprice (1)03:01
  • 24III. Marche01:21
  • 25IV. Passepieds02:25
  • 26V. Caprice (2)02:40
  • 27VI. Air02:45
  • 28VI. La joye00:56
  • 29VII. Caprice (3)02:38
  • Total Runtime01:17:55

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Johann Bernhard Bach (1676-1749) is a somewhat ill-known member of the family, but known by his first cousin once removed, Johann Sebastian. A disciple of Pachelbel, he was in the service of the court of Eisenach and left us only instrumental music. His four Ouvertures for orchestra constitute the obvious link between French music of the Grand Siècle and the compositions that Johann Sebastian would write in Weimar and Cöthen. A missing link to be (re)discovered.

François Joubert-Caillet, Dirigent

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