Will the Sun Ever Come Back Chase Huglin

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Label: InVogue Records

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Adult Alternative

Artist: Chase Huglin

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FLAC 44.1 $ 10.40
  • 1Both of Us03:58
  • 2Charm City03:53
  • 3June Bug02:51
  • 4Heaven Come My Way04:12
  • 5Pennies03:13
  • 6Pierceton Queen03:15
  • 7Taurus03:44
  • 890 Days of Summer03:14
  • 9Coast02:27
  • 10Teeth Dreams04:01
  • 11Blue Moon03:45
  • Total Runtime38:33

Info for Will the Sun Ever Come Back

Chase Huglin releases his follow up album to You Deserve an Island, titled, Will The Sun Ever Come Back. Up until recently, Chase Huglin has been primarily a solo-acoustic act. He was able to envelope the room with sound, all on his own. Will The Sun Ever Come Back brings to light a new chapter with the addition of a full band. The full band doesn’t deter from the raw, honest and introspective nature of his art. The beauty of the guitar never gets lost as you journey into the fuller sound. Fans that have watched Chase Huglin grow as an artist will best witness the subtle changes and nuances in the retelling of “June Bug.”

"Will The Sun Ever Come Back has well placed, pristine whistling and ooh’s. If you aren’t doing both by the second time through, are you even human? “Teeth Dreams” returns to the classic and vulnerable acoustic style to round out WTSECB. Chase Huglin delivers another album of solid, genuine storytelling. Chase’s voice is the sun." (shockwavemagazine.com)

Fort Wayne (ala Chase Huglin), guitar, vocals

Fort Wayne (ala Chase Huglin)
Indiana appears to be no more than another lonely outcrop of the Midwest. Chain stores and restaurants seem to stretch for miles, suggesting a suburban sameness that could numb and dull anyone. Thanks to a burgeoning commitment to the homegrown ethos of this town's "do-it-yourself" scene, especially from younger talent, this sleepy sprawl has been given a second chance. Before the age of twenty, Chase Huglin has attempted to join these two separate spheres, intermingling softer melodies reserved for coffee-house backdrops with a steadfast touring schedules rivaling acts with more electric firepower.

The flint sparking Huglin's latest EP, Glow -- his first after signing with Ohio's InVogue Records at eighteen -- spits out the same flames as some of his brasher, louder labelmates. Produced by Mat Kerekes of Citizen, the release shares the whisper of a quiet Midwestern acoustic act with the embattled wail of a conflicted, heartbroken boy on the cusp of adulthood. Perhaps that's what has caused Huglin to juggle cross-country routes while maintaining his six-string sense of self. 2015 proved to be a wake-up call for Chase, embarking on U.S.-centric stints with bands as diverse as Sundressed and Casteform. The critic’s circle has widened to include this young talent, as well, with New Noise Magazine writing Glow delivered as “a beautiful acoustic EP for those in need of a quick pick me up.” As Huglin continues his embrace of an intersectional and nebulous music scene usually cautious of softer tones with his debut InVogue full-length in 2016, Fort Wayne could go from a map coordinate to a new creative home.

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