Sergey Rachmaninov: Études-Tableaux Op. 33 & Op. 39 Alberto Ferro

Cover Sergey Rachmaninov: Études-Tableaux Op. 33 & Op. 39

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Label: MUSO

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Instrumental

Artist: Alberto Ferro

Composer: Sergej Rachmaninoff (1873-1943)

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  • Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873 - 1943): 8 Études-Tableaux, Op. 33:
  • 18 Études-Tableaux, Op. 33: No. 1 in F Minor (Allegro non troppo)02:49
  • 28 Études-Tableaux, Op. 33: No. 2 in C Major (Allegro)02:23
  • 38 Études-Tableaux, Op. 33: No. 3 in C Minor (Grave)04:42
  • 48 Études-Tableaux, Op. 33: No. 5 in D Minor (Moderato)03:06
  • 58 Études-Tableaux, Op. 33: No. 6 in E-Flat Minor (Non Allegro - Presto)01:45
  • 68 Études-Tableaux, Op. 33: No. 7 in E-Flat Major (Allegro con fuoco)01:51
  • 78 Études-Tableaux, Op. 33: No. 8 in G Minor (Moderato)03:37
  • 88 Études-Tableaux, Op. 33: No. 9 in C-Sharp Minor (Grave)02:48
  • 9 Études-Tableaux, Op. 39:
  • 99 Études-Tableaux, Op. 39: No. 1 in C Minor (Allegro agitato)03:05
  • 109 Études-Tableaux, Op. 39: No. 2 in A Minor (Lento assai)06:49
  • 119 Études-Tableaux, Op. 39: No. 3 in F-Sharp Minor (Allegro molto)02:49
  • 129 Études-Tableaux, Op. 39: No. 4 in B Minor (Allegro assai)03:40
  • 139 Études-Tableaux, Op. 39: No. 5 in E-Flat Minor (Appassionato)05:03
  • 149 Études-Tableaux, Op. 39: No. 6 in A Minor (Allegro)02:36
  • 159 Études-Tableaux, Op. 39: No. 7 in C Minor (Lento lugubre)06:46
  • 169 Études-Tableaux, Op. 39: No. 8 in D Minor (Allegro moderato)03:14
  • 179 Études-Tableaux, Op. 39: No. 9 in D Major (Allegro moderato. Tempo di marcia)03:47
  • Total Runtime01:00:50

Info for Sergey Rachmaninov: Études-Tableaux Op. 33 & Op. 39

For his first solo disc, the young Sicilian pianist Alberto Ferro paints the Études-Tableaux of Rachmaninov with his limpid playing, both analytical and sensitive, served by faultless technique. The Audience Prize of the Queen Elisabeth Competition 2016 and First Prize of the celebrated Telekom Beethoven Competition in Bonn in 2017 give intense musicality to these two albums marked by the dazzling liveliness of this music: at times virile and imperious, at times subtle and discreet, yet always at the service of an astonishingly broad palette of emotions.

Alberto Ferro, piano

Alberto Ferro
I started playing piano at the age of six, and since then my love and attraction for art and music has only grown. I studied Piano and Composition at Fondazione Scuole Civiche Milano, under the guide of M. Di Renzo and Verrando, and I graduated with Diploma in Piano at the Milan Conservatory in 2006 under the guide of M.o Fedrigotti: after being awarded with full scholarship and teaching assistantship at Washington State University, my formal studies culminated with Master Of Arts in Music granted by the Music School of WSU, U.S. In the years I had the invaluable opportunity to attend several Masterclasses by some International Composers and Concertists such as Aldo Ciccolini, Aquilles Delle Vigne, Robert MacDonald, Alessandro Solbiati, Dana Wilson. In 2005 I joined the New School University of New York Jazz Italian Workshop. Since I was a kid infact, besides classical music, I developed a pure interest for improvisation, jazz and contemporary music. The first result of my creative activity came in 2009, when my first CD of original Piano Music was produced, (“In Fondo Al Suono” – The Deep End Of Sound).

Since 2000 I performed in many concerts as Solo Piano, in Chamber Music Ensembles and in Jazz Bands, especially in Milan, Italy (New Orleans Creole Jazz Band, Prefisso 02 Big Band, Killer’s Diller Jazz Gang, Whitemaplesoup, the Chameleon Trio and The Jazz enClave Quintet, these last two born on my personal projects), U.S. (award winning WSUniversity Big Band I, Alberto Ferro Jazz Trio) and Australia. Pianist, Band Leader and Musical Director for the Top Luxury Cruise Companies P&O UK, Holland America, MSC and for various 5 stars Hotels and Casinos. Sensitive vocal coach and accompanist in both Classical and Jazz Music, with an extensive experience as rehearsal/choir pianist and jazz combo coach. I have been appointed Pianist (Instructor, Accompanist, Coach) for several Schools and Art Institutions, such as the “Academy of Drama Paolo Grassi”(2003-2005), and the ”Waldorf-Steiner Institute” (2005-2008) in Milan, “Washington State University School of Music”. Currently I teach piano at the “Windsor Music School” and “The Dan Tien School of Performative Arts”, I play contemporary dance music for Tory Trotter at Pineapple Center in Covent Garden, London, and classical ballet music for the “Arts Education Center” in Chiswick and LaSylvaine Ballet Company in Kensington, London. Active and pro-active teacher of around 25 happy piano students in the London area!

In particular my creative approach, grounded on the variety of music I play helps my students to find their own musical way. My Master’s Thesis deals largely with the role of creativity and Improvisation in music: my mission as a musician and teacher is to motivate and develop the student’s imagination and direct it towards an intelligible and conscious artistic expression.

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