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  • Vicente Bögeholz
  • 1El Puyuyuy03:35
  • Juanjo Mosalini (1972)
  • 2Tango Inside04:52
  • Vicente Bögeholz
  • 3Delta y Mar10:16
  • Gerardo Matos Rodríguez (1897-1948)
  • 4La Cumparsita05:56
  • Wolfgang Bartsch (1926-2014)
  • 5Strömungen02:31
  • 6Lamento02:57
  • 7Spiel der Kräfte03:10
  • Vicente Bögeholz
  • 8Puerto Varas04:39
  • Juanjo Mosalini (1972)
  • 9El Tigre07:16
  • Rüdiger Blömer (1960)
  • 10I. Encuentro 102:19
  • 11II. Encuentro 202:23
  • 12III. Encuentro 305:59
  • Juan José Mosalini (1943)
  • 13Milonga de la Tierra07:53
  • Total Runtime01:03:46

Info for Delta y Mar

Heir to a Latin musical tradition, Juanjo Mosalini decompartmentalises musical boundaries and makes his instrument, the bandoneon, sing alongside partners as different as Gotan Project or Ophélie Gaillard. With Delta y Mar, he returns to an accomplice going back ten years, the prodigious guitarist Vicente Bögeholz, unveiling written compositions nurtured by their Latin and European influences.

Only six months after the Chilean guitarist Vicente Bögeholz and the Argentinian bandoneonist Juanjo Mosalini met in Paris in the summer of 2000, the music critics highly acclaimed the “seamless ensemble playing of this unique duo” :

“…Every note convinces the listener that these are two musical soul mates, listening sensitively one to another, showing intuitive perfection in playing together, quite apart from the fact that each of them is an accomplished musician and virtuoso in his own right. …” (AZ)

“…The tango musicians of today are taking Piazzola´s innovations ever further. Since the 90s, a new repertoire has been evolving from the spirit of Argentinian tango which no longer needs the sharp, accentuated tango rhythms to be a tango. Concise structures, phrases, tone colours and unmistakeable gestures characterise the tango of recent years, going way beyond worn-out clichés. … Ensembles such as the Duo Bögeholz Mosalini consistently pursue an expansion of the repertoire, especially for the two instruments that are at the heart of the tango, the bandoneón and the guitar. …” (Dr.Eckhard Weber, Berlin)

In their programmes Flores negras or De las tierras Bögeholz & Mosalini present the stylistic variation of tango music that is so rich in contrast. Their new repertoire underlines the fluid transition to the aesthetics of a contemporary chamber music that is easily accessible. Including a string quintet in the programmes Concert d´aujourd´hui or Tango Inventions underlines the universal character of this music.

Their interpretations have been broadcast throughout the world and in Germany by all the ARD public stations. June 2004 saw the release of their duo CD “Villa Luro“ and April 2010 the septet CD 'Invenciones tangueras' with the Quatuor Danel and the double bassist, Titus Oppmann (Marc Aurel / Raumklang).

In the spring of 2006, the Duo Bögeholz-Mosalini was awarded the German World Music Prize (MDR Figaro). “

Juanjo Mosalini, bandoneon
Vicente Bögeholz, guitar

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