Misión Tango (The 40s,50s,60s and beyond) Cuarteto SolTango

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  • Gerardo Matos Rodriguez (1897 - 1948):
  • 1Rodriguez: La Cumparsita (in the style of Aníbal Troilo)02:44
  • Cordisco Alfredo (1916 - 2016):
  • 2Alfredo: Morena del 900 (in the style of Julio de Caro)02:52
  • Domingo Plateroti (1899 - 1969):
  • 3Plateroti: Puro Apronte (in the style of Alfredo Gobbi)02:48
  • Salvador Grupillo (1900 - 1930):
  • 4Grupillo: Tigre Viejo (in the style of Enrique Francini & Armando Pontier)02:54
  • Armando Baliotti (1905 - 1982):
  • 5Baliotti: Señores Yo Soy del Centro (in the style of Lucio Demare)02:39
  • Daniel Toro (b. 1941):
  • 6Toro: Zamba para Olvidarte (in the style of Mercedes Sosa)05:15
  • Alejandro Junnissi (b. 1956):
  • 7Junnissi: El Puntazo (in the style of Juan d'Arienzo)02:34
  • Julio De Caro (1899 - 1980), Pedro Laurenz (1902 - 1972):
  • 8Caro, Laurenz: Mala Junta (in the style of Horacio Salgán)03:58
  • Emilio Balcarce (1918 - 2011):
  • 9Balcarce: El Tobiano (in the style of Enrique Francini & Armando Pontier)03:01
  • Alfredo Gobbi (1912 - 1965):
  • 10Gobbi: El Andariego (in the style of Alfredo Gobbi)03:17
  • Emilio Balcarce:
  • 11Balcarce: Si Sos Brujo (in the style of Enrique Francini & Armando Pontier)03:15
  • Rosita Melo (1897 - 1981):
  • 12Melo: Desde del Alma (in the style of Horacio Salgán)03:29
  • Enrique Alessio (1918 - 2000), Carlos Lázzari (1925 - 2005):
  • 13Alessio, Lázzari: Julie (in the style of Osvaldo Pugliese)03:27
  • 14Alessio, Lázzari: Coqueta (in the style of Orquesta Típico Victor)03:03
  • Carmen Castelletto:
  • 15Castelletto: El Chapucero (in the style of Juan d'Arienzo)02:06
  • Horacio Salgan (1916 - 2016):
  • 16Salgan: Don Augustín Bardi (in the style of Osvaldo Pugliese)03:51
  • Vivente Greco (1888 - 1924):
  • 17Greco: Ojos Negros (in the style of Quinteto Real)03:42
  • Alfredo Gobbi (1912 - 1965):
  • 18Gobbi: Camandulaje (in the style of Osvaldo Pugliese)03:10
  • Sebasián Piana (1903 - 1994):
  • 19Piana: Milonga Triste (in the style of Edmundo Rivero & Osvaldo Tarantino)04:35
  • Julián Peralta (b. 1974):
  • 20Peralta: Chiru (in the style of Sexteto Astillero)02:30
  • Osvaldo Pugliese (1905 - 1995):
  • 21Pugliese: Una vez (in the style of Osvaldo Pugliese)03:16
  • Total Runtime01:08:26

Info for Misión Tango (The 40s,50s,60s and beyond)

Astor Piazzolla is turning 100 in 2021. Cuarteto SolTango meanwhile is a very well known young band of classical musicians playing from original tango scores.

The Tango is the most popular entertaining music of which a lot can be discovered from the huge stock of music in South America.

"With that caveat out of the way, I will say that the album Misión Tango is a phenomenal achievement and a worthwhile contribution to our living tango tradition. There are numerous songs here that I will happily play for my dancers. As for the rest, it makes for great listening." (Tomáš Kohl)

Cuarteto Soltango

Cuarteto SolTango
epitomizes the new generation of authentic tango, combining the luscious sound of a traditional orquesta with the verve that only chamber music can offer. Together, the four musicians interpret a wide diversity of classic tango styles right up to the Tango Nuevo of Astor Piazzolla and Osvaldo Pugliese in alluring arrangements by Martin Klett.

Soon after it was founded in 2008, the quartet was invited to perform at the music festivals of Schleswig-Holstein and Oberstdorf, thereby launching their appearances in a series of outstanding classical venues. Since then, the four have played at a number of international festivals – most recently at the innovative Grachtenfestival in Amsterdam. They were part of the Blue Tango show in conjunction with the International Tango Festival Düsseldorf and the show Terra Tango at the Ghent Festival of Flanders. The four virtuosos have been acclaimed by dancers at international tango festivals in Hamburg, Oldenburg and Leipzig, including appearances with prestigious dance pairs such as Michelle & Joachim (Basel), Alejandra & Mariano (Madrid), Gastón & Moira (Buenos Aires) and Claudia & Matias (Berlin).

Booklet for Misión Tango (The 40s,50s,60s and beyond)

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