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  • 1Violent Measures04:11
  • 2Clairvoyant03:05
  • 3Interloper04:09
  • 4You Will Not Die03:52
  • 5Presbyteria04:34
  • 6The Dead04:06
  • 7Star Red04:08
  • 8Fog04:08
  • 9By the Gullet04:34
  • 10All Along03:09
  • 11Teen Prayer04:19
  • 12Clairvoyant (Radio Mix) (44.1 khz)03:00
  • 13New Brighton (feat. ANOHNI) (44.1 khz)03:19
  • 14Sweet Thing (44.1 khz)05:30
  • 15Age of Consent (44.1 khz)04:17
  • 16Medicine (44.1 khz)03:05
  • 17Hey, Lover (44.1 khz)05:26
  • 18New Brighton (DJ Maphorisa Version) (44.1 khz)04:41
  • Total Runtime01:13:33

Info for You Will Not Die (Deluxe Version)

Unglaubliches Talent wurde Nakhane in die Wiege gelegt: Geboren in der südafrikanischen Kleinstadt Alice und aufgewachsen in der nicht allzu weit entfernten Metropole Port Elizabeth, gilt der 29-jährige Musiker, Buchautor, Schauspieler und Dichter als neuer Stern am Neo-Soul-Himmel. Mit dem Hit Clairvoyant veröffentlichte er die erste Single aus seinem Album You Will Not Die.

Nakhane hat nicht nur eine sofort unter die Haut gehende Stimme und ein großartiges Gespür für modernes Songwriting. Mit seiner androgynen Ausstrahlung fasziniert er das Publikum sowohl auf, als auch abseits der Bühne. In seinen Songs ist diese fast schon schmerzhaft zerbrechliche Eleganz allgegenwärtig, denen man seine Seelenpein unter der makellosen Oberfläche deutlich anmerkt. Nakhane verbindet in seinem einzigartigen Signature-Sound experimentelle elektronische Elemente mit zurückgelehntem Soul und dezenten traditionellen Einflüssen aus seiner afrikanischen Heimat zu einem bemerkenswert anderen Urban Pop-Ansatz. Ein eklektischer Mix, dem man seine Einflüsse wie Marvin Gaye, Nina Simone, Ahnoni und David Bowie, bis hin zu Busi Mhlongo, Simphi Dana, Mbongwana Star und TkZee deutlich anhört.

Nakhane, Gesang

Nakhane Toure
is a Johannesburg-based singer songwriter. Born on 3 February 1988 in Alice, a small town in the Eastern Cape, he grew up predominantly in Port Elizabeth before relocating to Johannesburg at age 15. While his friends listened to Top 40 pop songs on the radio, he spent his time discovering and loving the music that his parents listened to. These include Marvin Gaye, The O'Jays, Paul Simon and choral music. He often sang in choirs his family were members of, intensifying his love for harmony and later vocal multi-tracking. It wasn't until the age of 19 that he took up the guitar after hearing Radiohead's 'In Rainbows' . He had previously played the trombone and steel drums in school bands and orchestras, after losing patience with the piano, which he would later play (albeit in a rudimental fashion). It was also at this point in his life that he began to appreciate folk music and rock bands. While not losing his love for 60s and 70s soul music, his love for 'guitar music' and 70’s avant-grade fusion jazz grew. But on top of those international bands was the appreciation for African musicians.

His debut album 'Brave Confusion' put Nakhane as a frontrunner at the 2014 SAMA awards, eventually earning the young singer Best Alternative Act, but missing out in other categories he was nominated in, like Best Newcomer, Best Bale Artist and Album of the Year. Nakhane is also notable for being one of South Africa's few openly gay pop stars.

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