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  • Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683 - 1764): Suite in A Minor, RCT 1:
  • 1Suite in A Minor, RCT 1: I. Prélude02:21
  • 2Suite in A Minor, RCT 1: II. Allemande I05:28
  • 3Suite in A Minor, RCT 1: III. Allemande II02:08
  • 4Suite in A Minor, RCT 1: IV. Courante02:02
  • 5Suite in A Minor, RCT 5: V. Gigue02:46
  • 6Suite in A Minor, RCT 1: VI. Sarabande I & II03:24
  • 7Suite in A Minor, RCT 1: VII. Vénitienne01:54
  • 8Suite in A Minor, RCT 1: VIII. Gigue01:36
  • 9Suite in A Minor, RCT 1: IX. Menuet01:27
  • Suite in E Minor, RCT 2:
  • 10Suite in E Minor, RCT 2: I. Allemande04:14
  • 11Suite in E Minor, RCT 2: II. Courante01:35
  • 12Suite in E Minor, RCT 2: III. Gigue en rondeau I01:14
  • 13Suite in E Minor, RCT 2: IV. Gigue en rondeau II02:10
  • 14Suite in E Minor, RCT 2: V. Le Rappel des Oiseaux03:39
  • 15Suite in E Minor, RCT 2: VI. Rigaudon I & II01:51
  • 16Suite in E Minor, RCT 2: VII. Musette en rondeau02:29
  • 17Suite in E Minor, RCT 2: VIII. Tambourin01:17
  • 18Suite in E Minor, RCT 2: IX. La Villegeoise03:34
  • Suite in D Minor, RCT 3:
  • 19Suite in D Minor, RCT 3: I. Les Tendres Plaintes03:44
  • 20Suite in D Minor, RCT 3: II. Les Niais de Sologne06:15
  • 21Suite in D Minor, RCT 3: III. Les Soupirs05:20
  • 22Suite in D Minor, RCT 3: IV. La Joyeuse01:24
  • 23Suite in D Minor, RCT 3: V. La Follette01:32
  • 24Suite in D Minor, RCT 3: VI. L’Entretien des Muses06:12
  • 25Suite in D Minor, RCT 3: VII. Les Tourbillons02:59
  • 26Suite in D Minor, RCT 3: VIII. Les Cyclopes03:48
  • 27Suite in D Minor, RCT 3: IX. Le Lardon00:55
  • 28Suite in D Minor, RCT 3: X. La Boiteuse00:52
  • Menuet en rondeau, RCT 4:
  • 29Menuet en rondeau, RCT 4:01:01
  • Suite in A Minor, RCT 5:
  • 30Suite in A Minor, RCT 5: I. Allemande06:56
  • 31Suite in A Minor, RCT 5: II. Courante04:01
  • 32Suite in A Minor, RCT 5: III. Sarabande02:45
  • 33Suite in A Minor, RCT 5: IV. Les Trois Mains05:07
  • 34Suite in A Minor, RCT 5: V. Fanfarinette02:59
  • 35Suite in A Minor, RCT 5: VI. La Triomphante01:42
  • 36Suite in A Minor, RCT 5: VII. Gavotte & Doubles08:19
  • Suite in G Major, RCT 6:
  • 37Suite in G Major, RCT 6: I. Les Tricotets02:52
  • 38Suite in G Major, RCT 6: II. L’Indifférente02:06
  • 39Suite in G Major, RCT 6: III. Menuet I & II04:04
  • 40Suite in G Major, RCT 6: IV. La Poule07:16
  • 41Suite in G Major, RCT 6: V. Les Triolets03:30
  • 42Suite in G Major, RCT 6: VI. Les Sauvages02:20
  • 43Suite in G Major, RCT 6: VII. L’Enharmonique08:49
  • 44Suite in G Major, RCT 6: VIII. L’Egyptienne03:50
  • 45Les Indes Galantes, RCT 44: I. Ouverture04:36
  • 46Les Indes Galantes, RCT 44: II. Air Polonois02:03
  • 47Les Indes Galantes, RCT 44: III. Musette en rondeau01:34
  • 48Les Indes Galantes, RCT 44: IV. 1er et 2e Menuet02:59
  • 49Les Indes Galantes, RCT 44: V. Air gratieux pour les Amours02:46
  • 50Les Indes Galantes, RCT 44: VI. Air pour les Amants et Amantes01:46
  • 51Les Indes Galantes, RCT 44: VII. 1er Air pour les Bostangis02:00
  • 52Les Indes Galantes, RCT 44: VIII. 2e Air pour les Bostangis01:49
  • 53Les Indes Galantes, RCT 44: IX. Gavotte01:44
  • 54Les Indes Galantes, RCT 44: X. 1er Air des Fleurs01:07
  • 55Les Indes Galantes, RCT 44: XI. [2e] Air tendre pour la Rose01:35
  • 56Les Indes Galantes, RCT 44: XII. [1re] Gavotte pour les Fleurs01:19
  • 57Les Indes Galantes, RCT 44: XIII. [2e] Gavotte vive pour les Fleurs00:56
  • 58Les Indes Galantes, RCT 44: XIV. Air pour Borée et la Rose01:37
  • 59Les Indes Galantes, RCT 44: XV. Air pour Zéphire00:25
  • 60Les Indes Galantes, RCT 44: XVI. Air vif pour Zéphire et la Rose02:25
  • 61Les Indes Galantes, RCT 44: XVII. Marche des Persans01:20
  • 62Les Indes Galantes, RCT 44: XVIII. Air pour les Esclaves affricans01:49
  • 63Les Indes Galantes, RCT 44: XIX. Rigaudon en Rondeau01:24
  • 64Les Indes Galantes, RCT 44: XX. Tambourin01:27
  • 65Les Indes Galantes, RCT 44: XXI. Air01:31
  • 66Les Indes Galantes, RCT 44: XXII. Air Grave pour les Incas du Pérou02:53
  • 67Les Indes Galantes, RCT 44: XXIII. Rondeau gratieux01:08
  • 68Les Indes Galantes, RCT 44: XXIV. Première Gavotte - 2e Gavotte en rondeau02:41
  • 69Les Indes Galantes, RCT 44: XXV. Les Sauvages – Danse du Grand Calumet de la Paix02:18
  • 70Les Indes Galantes, RCT 44: XXVI. 1er et 2e Menuet pour les Guerriers et Amazones02:14
  • 71Les Indes Galantes, RCT 44: XXVII. Chaconne06:09
  • Ier Concert, RCT 7:
  • 72Ier Concert, RCT 7: II. La Livri02:44
  • IIe Concert, RCT 8:
  • 73IIe Concert, RCT 8: III. L’Agaçante02:48
  • IIIe Concert, RCT 9:
  • 74IIIe Concert, RCT 9: II. La Timide (1er et 2e Rondeau)05:39
  • IVe Concert, RCT 10:
  • 75IVe Concert, RCT 10: II. L’Indiscrette01:33
  • La Dauphine, RCT 12:
  • 76La Dauphine, RCT 12:03:30
  • Les Indes Galantes, RCT 44:
  • 77Les Indes Galantes, RCT 44: Air pour Zéphire01:22
  • Total Runtime03:38:58

Info zu Jean-Philippe Rameau: Complete Solo Keyboard Works

Celebrated harpsichordist Steven Devine completes his monumental survey for Resonus Classics of the complete solo keyboard works by Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683–1764) with this new three album collection.

These seminal works of the French Baroque era are brought to life vividly by Devine, mainly marking the earlier part of Rameau’s career and charting the development of the future prolific opera and ballet composer. The three books of Pièces de Clavecin are joined by the Cinq Pièces (derived from the Pièces de Clavecin en Concert), and the individual work La Dauphine.

Also included is the substantial compendium Les Indes Galantes – keyboard transcriptions that Rameau himself made from his own opera-ballet of the same name composed in 1735/6. In these transcriptions Devine is joined by harpsichordist Robin Bigwood who lends a third hand in select movements, while the entire set is recorded on a copy by Ian Tucker of the Ruckers/Hemsch harpsichord in Hatchlands' Cobbe Collection.

Steven Devine, harpsichord
Robin Bigwood, 2nd harpsichord

Steven Devine
enjoys a busy career as a music director and keyboard player working with some of the finest musicians.

He made his London conducting debut in 2002 at the Royal Albert Hall and is now a regular performer there - including making his BBC Proms directing debut in August 2007 with the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment (OAE). He has conducted the Mozart Festival Orchestra in every major concert hall in the UK and also across Switzerland. Steven is Music Director for New Chamber Opera in Oxford and with them has conducted performances of Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas, Mozart’s La Finta Semplice and Il Re Pastore, Stradella’s Il Trespolo Tutore, Rossini’s Le Comte Ory, Handel’s Xerxes and Tamerlano, Arne’s Artaxerxes, and Galuppi’s Il Mondo alla Roversa. He has directed the first performance of the newly-acquired score of Cavalli’s Erismena and Salieri’s Falstaff with the same forces. For the Dartington Festival Opera he has conducted Handel’s Orlando and Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas.

Since 2007 Steven has been the harpsichordist with London Baroque in addition to his position as Co-Principal keyboard player with the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment. He is also the principal keyboard player for The Gonzaga Band, Apollo and Pan, The Classical Opera Company and performs regularly with many other groups around Europe. He has recorded over thirty discs with other artists and ensembles and made a number of solo recordings. His recording of Bach’s Goldberg Variations (Chandos Records) has been receiving critical acclaim - including Gramophone magazine describing it as ‘among the best’.

Steven is a regular member of the OAE education team, Professor of Harpsichord and Fortepiano at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and a visiting teacher, adjudicator and examiner for many other institutions. He is also Director of Development for the Finchcocks Collection of historical keyboard instruments, Kent.

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