Whiskey for the Holy Ghost Mark Lanegan

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Label: Warner Music Group

Genre: Alternative


Interpret: Mark Lanegan

Komponist: Mark Lanegan

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  • 1The River Rise04:30
  • 2Borracho05:41
  • 3House a Home03:07
  • 4Kingdoms of Rain03:23
  • 5Carnival03:40
  • 6Riding the Nightingale06:17
  • 7El Sol03:43
  • 8Dead on You03:10
  • 9Shooting Gallery03:32
  • 10Sunrise02:57
  • 11Pendulum02:12
  • 12Judas Touch01:37
  • 13Beggar's Blues05:37
  • Total Runtime49:26

Info zu Whiskey for the Holy Ghost

On his second solo outing, 1994's „Whiskey for the Holy Ghost“, Screaming Trees frontman Mark Lanegan unveils a set of tunes that is more dynamic and cohesive than his spare, brooding debut, „The Winding Sheet“. Once again collaborating with multi-instrumentalist Mike Johnson, among others, Lanegan uses his deep, gravelly voice to maximum effect on these wonderful songs of woe, which include the hypnotic, David Lynchian "The River Rise" and the dark, pastoral "Kingdoms of Rain." Arguably Lanegan's best solo album, „The Holy Ghost“ predicted that the perpetually melancholy Pacific Northwestern performer would be just fine on his own when Screaming Trees eventually split.

„Mark Lanegan's first solo album, 1990's The Winding Sheet, was a darker, quieter, and more emotionally troubling affair than what fans were accustomed to from his work as lead singer with the Screaming Trees. The follow-up album, 1994 's Whiskey for the Holy Ghost, used The Winding Sheet's sound and style as a starting point, with Lanegan and producer/instrumentalist Mike Johnson constructing resonant but low-key instrumental backdrops for the singer's tales of heartbreak, alcohol, and dashed hopes. While The Winding Sheet often sounded inspired but tentative, like the solo project from a member of an established band, Whiskey for the Holy Ghost speaks with a quiet but steely confidence of an artist emerging with his own distinct vision. The songs are more literate and better realized than on the debut, the arrangements are subtle and supportive (often eschewing electric guitars for keyboards and acoustic instruments), and Lanegan's voice, bathed in bourbon and nicotine, transforms the deep sorrow of the country blues (a clear inspiration for this music) into something new, compelling, and entirely his own. Whiskey for the Holy Ghost made it clear that Mark Lanegan had truly arrived as a solo artist, and it ranks alongside American Music Club's Everclear as one of the best "dark night of the soul" albums of the 1990s.“ (Mark Deming, AMG)

Mark Lanegan, vocals, guitar
Frank Cody, organ, piano
Mike Stinette, saxophone
Phil Sparks, bowed bass, double bass
Ted Trewhella, piano
Justin Williams, organ
Mike Johnson, organ, guitars, bass, harmonica, piano, background vocals
Dave Kreuger, violin
Kurt Fedora, bass
Tad Doyle, drums
J Mascis, drums
Dan Peters, drums
Mark Pickerel, drums
Krisha Augerot, background vocals
Sally Barry, background vocals

Recorded 1993 at Ironwood, Riciprocal, & Steve Lawson Studios, Seattle, WA, & Messina Music, NYC
Engineered and mixed by John Agnello, Ed Brooks, Terry Date, Jack Endino
Mastering by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering, Portland, Maine
Produced by Mike Johnson and Mark Lanegan

Digitally remastered

Mark Lanegan
is best known for his years as the vocalist for the Screaming Trees. He has also been built a following with a number of remarkable solo records that highlight his love for singer/songwriters, and American folk and blues.

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