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FLAC 96 $ 12,00
  • 1The Sin of Missing the Bullseye06:51
  • 2Fifth Occasion08:33
  • 3Quinos Curtain Shower05:05
  • 4Hymne 506:15
  • 5Alma04:26
  • 6Hymne 605:16
  • 7Rezos04:13
  • 8Belief System03:32
  • 9M87 Black Hole07:25
  • 10Hypnotize05:15
  • Total Runtime56:51

Info zu Rezos

One would think at first hearing a conversation between the piano of Rafael Zaldivar and the saxophone of Guillaume Tremblay, but there is more than that; Rezos is where one tells the other, I know the territory of your sound, and gives it all the space it needs to unfold. It is a story of exemplary listening and elaborate exchanges along rhythmic tricks of great finesse. There is an element of stubbornness there, too; stubbornness towards the clarity of melodic lines far removed from ego narcissism or unnecessary frills. There is nothing flashy about the precision of the movement here; sober, it sounds like an invocation.

Finally, it is a story of virtuosity where technique and vulnerability come together through the meeting of these two musicians who do not seek to impose themselves, rather to make heard what is woven in the simplicity of hearts. Do you hear it, the game of those who reject neither daring nor offering?

Guillaume Tremblay, alto saxophone
Rafael Zaldivar, piano

Rafael Zaldivar
Born in Cuba, Rafael Zaldivar established himself in Quebec in 2005, and has been shining ever since through his talent and involment as a pianist, composer, artistic director and teacher. Continuing a professional career which started in his home country at age 15, he rapidly became known in the Quebec music scene, notably as a Révélation musicale Radio-Canada in 2010-2011, while completing doctoral studies at McGill University in Montreal in 2014. Fully committed to the outreach of his musical research, he now teaches at the Faculty of Music of Université Laval, passing on his original point of view, a vision of a rich musical and culturally diversified form of expression, to the next generations of pianists. His compositions are uniquely virtuosistic, exploring and integrating Afro-Cuban rhythms to classical piano technique, within a very personal musical language with an emphasis on narrative expression.

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