Blue Hope Berus

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Label: Berus

Genre: R&B

Subgenre: Hip Hop Soul

Interpret: Berus

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FLAC 44.1 $ 8,20
  • 120/20 VSN03:12
  • 2Karşılıklı (Talk to Me)02:19
  • 3Holy Waters04:06
  • 4Being Alive03:17
  • 5Dayrunner02:14
  • 6Power03:00
  • 7Dream On04:02
  • 8Interlude01:12
  • 9On Me03:18
  • 10Sex'N'Ghetto02:37
  • 11Wholesome03:04
  • 12Resilience04:01
  • Total Runtime36:22

Info zu Blue Hope

When Berus debuted in January 2021 with his “Voyage” EP, he had no idea how precise the title described his coming months. Almost a year later the Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist and producer presents his debut album “Blue Hope”, on which he processes his journey as an artist. The album can be listened to like a sonic diary, always expressing the artist’s very personal state at the time. For “Blue Hope” two main topics fall into the creational process of the album: love relationships and seeking identity. There is a blue melancholy and reflection leading through the album. It’s a coming of age story that’s relatable and yet unique, honest but vulnerable and for the foremost: 100% Berus.

A little over a year before the previous release of “Voyage” Berus had taken his focus away from his more than a decade lasting house and techno career towards a new sound, inspired by neo soul, R&B and hip-hop. Whilst his electronic projects found home on Kerri Chandler's Madhouse Recordings and DVS1’s infamous Mistress gaining his moniker Frag Maddin worldwide attention, it was part of his progress to focus on himself and Berus, his real name. He took this step not knowing it would lead him into a dark journey of self revelation, identity finding and for the foremost new hope: “Blue Hope”.

Berus gathered a mixture of old friends and new talent around him to produce the record. The outcome is a record referencing different influences without the use of any samples. The album breathes the warm character of a neatly curated mixtape and delivers a wide range of styles, like the jiggy sounding Mike Nasa on “On Me” all the way to “Wholesome”, on which Barne delivers a John Mayer-esque performance. On “Talk to Me (Karşılıklı)” Berus opens up about his feelings of true love and the need to set free when they are not answered. whilst the incredible Mulay answers with her female perspective on “Holy Waters”. And there is hope: The aspiration (“Dream On”) and anxieties (“Being Alive” feat. Sedric Perry) of a young migrant generation. Berus shows impressively he is here to stay and has a bright future to come. Like he says on the final song of the record “Resilience”: “Happiness is selfmade”.

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