Live at The Casino de Paris Imany

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Label: Think Zik Group

Genre: R&B

Subgenre: Soul

Interpret: Imany

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  • 1Time Only Moves03:39
  • 2Come To The Rescue03:57
  • 3Hey Little Sister03:54
  • 4Make A Wish03:02
  • 5Time Only Moves (Edit)03:05
  • 6Save Our Soul (Live at The Casino de Paris, June 2018)04:05
  • 7No Reason, No Rhyme (Live at The Casino de Paris, June 2018)05:03
  • 8I'm Not Sick But I'm Not Well (Live at The Casino de Paris, June 2018)03:54
  • 9You Will Never Know (Live at The Casino de Paris, June 2018)05:26
  • 10There Were Tears (Live at The Casino de Paris, June 2018)05:47
  • 11Bohemian Rhapsody (Live at The Casino de Paris, June 2018)06:33
  • 12Lately (Live at The Casino de Paris, June 2018)03:56
  • 13Slow Down (Live at The Casino de Paris, June 2018)04:33
  • 14Don't Be So Shy (Live at The Casino de Paris, June 2018)05:08
  • 15Nothing To Save / Bang Bang (Live at The Casino de Paris, June 2018)04:43
  • 16Sign Your Name / Ready Or Not Here I Come (Live at The Casino de Paris, June 2018)07:47
  • 17I Long For You (Live at The Casino de Paris, June 2018)03:31
  • 18You Don't Belong To Me (Live at The Casino de Paris, June 2018)03:42
  • 19Silver Lining (Live at The Casino de Paris, June 2018)07:50
  • 20Human (Live at The Casino de Paris, June 2018)05:55
  • Total Runtime01:35:30

Info zu Live at The Casino de Paris

More than a million albums. Ever since “You Will Never Know” in 2011, a sign of what was to come,Imanyhas carved out her path, her groove, halfway between raspy soul and blues folk, and followed it to the top. More thanthan 600 shows in the span of two tours. The singer's incomparable and inimitable voice has become instantly recognizable. She topped several chartsand garnered many awards.For this Martigues native,the stage is where her style blossomed into something different, her own unique brand of breezy soul, with a hint of melancholy between the lines. This is where she built up her audience, her loyal following, brick by brick. "On stage, I want to tell a different story than what you find on the recordings. And every night, it's never really the same, because depending on the place, the mood, the public, the energy is different. It's always a challenge: getting through the audience, making them feel something."Like in Warsaw, under the rain but facing a crowd who knew the words every song. "I don't do things half way: even tired, even pregnant, even with a sprained ankle, I give everything I have, I'm not pretending. You can't hide anything from the audience, if you really want them to be with you. In a lot of ways, the audience is the eighth band member." The singer engages in communion, never shies away from dialogue, from interaction, from getting close, from contact, and that's how she gives meaning to this story based on exchanging and sharing, live and direct.

Just like Imany's music itself, which resonates far beyond the confines of France, her audience transcends questions of generation, of style. She has a special bond with Paris, a city where she has graced many a stage: the Olympia, twice, the Trianon, once, the Salle Pleyel, four times, and the Casino de Paris, twice. It's during these last two concerts, on June 5 and 6, 2018, that this CD-DVD was recorded. No fewer than 9 cameras were required to translate the atmosphere of these nights.She belted out the hits that propelled her to the top ("You Will Never Know", "Don't Be So Shy", "Silver Lining"...) and the cover songs that helped make her who she is ("Sign Your Name", "Human"...). Her renditions are often spare, raw, and all the more powerful for it. "It's important to take people by surprise, to have something more to say, otherwise what's the point?" A perfect example of this approach, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, Queen'ssignature song that Imany has been borrowing since her first tour, is a chance to involve the entire band in a fun role-playing game where instruments change hands. It's also a way to salute those she affectionately calls her "little army", loyal troops with whom, every night, she engages in "peaceful struggle", against herself as well as in the name of a planet gone wrong. Everything she tackled, overtly or between the lines, in her album “A Wrong Kind of War”. That's why both the band and chorus singers by her side sport "paramilitary" garb, kaki jackets and red berets, standing in stark contrast to the gentle power of her voice. It also points to the militant music she grew up with: whether it was the soundtrack to the Black Panther era or Public Enemy's band of hip-hop. Impossible to build the future without paying tribute to those who worked through the past.

Actively involved in set design, staging, and sound design, for Imany, the concert space is a moment of truth, a revolution of pleasure. The opportunity, as always, to heal body and soul, held up by an expansive chorus perfectly in tune with her intentions. Whether her voice is hushed in balladry or soars over more spirited beats, Imanythe singer holds us in thrall, slaves to the power of enchantment and melody. This paradoxical combination of soft and explosive is the heart of her message, it's where she draws her energy, the essence that drives her ever further. Like a call to arms, she grabs a megaphone during “Save Our Soul”, to feel our pulse, reaching out to connect beyond the virtual.... An hour and a half later, it comes to an end, the strings of the subtle cello vibrating in affinity to the beating, sensitive skins on "Shape of Broken Heart", a ballad addressed to future generations, in Africa or elsewhere.She whips her hair through the air and takes flight before finally touching down and lying across the stage. More than a cry of despair, a cry of love, a hymn to build tomorrows that sing a different tune.

Imany, vocals

Bis vor ein paar Jahren arbeitete Imany noch in New York als erfolgreiches Model, doch der Drang, ihrem Leben einen tieferen Sinn zu geben, wurde immer größer. Die Gesangsstunden, die sie noch während ihrer Modelkarriere nahm, machten sie spätestens mit ihrem Debütslbum "Shape Of a Broken Heart" (2010/ iTunes #2) bezahlt. Neben ihren gefühlvollen Songs über Liebe und Leid, Verletzungen und Hoffnung, Träume und Wünsche ist es vor allem ihre außergewöhnliche Stimme von unbeschreiblicher Tiefe, die Imany zu einer ganz besonderen Künstlerin unserer Zeit macht.

Auch das russische Remix Duo Filatov & Karas blieb Imany nicht verborgen und entdeckten in ihren Songs große Inspiration für ihre Remix-Neu-Interpretationen. Aktuell drückten sie Imanys Titel "Don't Be So Shy" ihren ganze besonderen Remix-Stempel auf und sehr bald schon hallte ihre Version zunächst vehement durch die Club Szene Russlands. Das brachte den Erfolg um diesen Song mächtig ins Rollen: "Don't Be So Shy" enterte die Top-Listen der Shazamcharts von Russland, der Türkei, Griechenland, u.v.m., setzte sich an die Spitze der iTunes-Charts und generierte auch auf youtube bereits über 21 Millionen Klicks. Aktuell rangiert der Song auf Platz 1 der offiziellen Deutschen Single-Charts und avanciert zum derzeit heißesten An- wärter auf den diesjährigen Sommerhit.

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