Dude Ranch (Remastered) blink-182

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Label: Geffen

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Adult Alternative

Interpret: blink-182

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  • 1Pathetic02:28
  • 2Voyeur02:43
  • 3Dammit02:45
  • 4Boring01:41
  • 5Dick Lips02:57
  • 6Waggy03:16
  • 7Enthused02:48
  • 8Untitled02:46
  • 9Apple Shampoo (Album Version)02:52
  • 10Emo02:50
  • 11Josie03:19
  • 12A New Hope03:45
  • 13Degenerate02:28
  • 14Lemmings (Album Version)02:38
  • 15I'm Sorry (Album Version)04:27
  • Total Runtime43:43

Info zu Dude Ranch (Remastered)

With the commercial success of their independent album 'Cheshire Cat', Blink-182 signed to a major label (MCA Records) for 1997's 'Dude Ranch'. It features US radio hits "Dammit" and "Josie", which vaulted the record to platinum sales. This was no "sell-out" on the band's part, though, as 'Dude Ranch' simply features another infectious collection of snotty vocals, punchy rhythms, vivid lyrics, and aggressive chords. San Diego producer Mark Trombino shines some of the scuffed edges, but this is still good ol' Blink 182 at it's sunniest, effervescent best.

Dude Ranch is the second studio album by American rock band Blink-182, released on June 17, 1997, by Cargo Music and MCA Records, making it their major record label debut. MCA signed the band in 1996 following moderate sales of their 1995 debut Cheshire Cat and their growing popularity in Australia. Dude Ranch was the band's final recording released on Cargo and the last to feature their full original lineup, as in 1998 drummer Scott Raynor was dismissed from the band.

The band recorded the album from December 1996 to January 1997 at Big Fish Studios in Encinitas, California with producer Mark Trombino. With lyrical material written on their nonstop tours over the previous years, as well as completed songs, the band recorded with Trombino in sessions that lasted for five weeks. During production, the members of Blink-182 were plagued with difficulties only made worse by the rushed schedule: bassist Mark Hoppus and guitarist Tom DeLonge, co-vocalists for the band, were having vocal problems and Raynor had to record his drum tracks with injuries to both feet.

The album was released in the summer of 1997 and was a success, reaching number 67 on the Billboard 200 and number one on the Top Heatseekers chart. The second single, "Dammit", became a rock radio hit single and helped the band gain mainstream credibility as they toured worldwide on the Vans Warped Tour. The band toured exhaustively behind the album, creating tensions which led to the firing of Raynor in mid-1998. Three more singles were released, with "Josie" gathering MTV play and charting highly in Australia. Dude Ranch eventually grew in sales and was certified platinum in the US by the end of the decade.

"On their third album, Dude Ranch, blink-182 follow in the same path as their first two, turning out 15 tracks of juvenile, adrenaline-fueled punk-pop. Some listeners will find their potty humor ("Dick Lips") somewhat irritating, but the group has written some surprisingly catchy hooks, which might win over skeptics. The songwriting is still a little uneven, but overall, Dude Ranch is an improvement over their first album, Cheshire Cat." (Stephen Thomas Erlewine, AMG)


Digitally remastered

is a Southern–Californian pop punk band that was formed in 1992 by Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus, and Scott Raynor in the northern San Diego suburb of Poway, California.

The members of the band were Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus, and drummer Travis Barker. The group is known for playing catchy melodies, as well as their satirical toilet humour. Known as a band that plays up–tempo songs with prominent major–chord harmonies, often digitally mixed, to provide a much cleaner sound than typical punk/rock recordings generally employing distortion and ragged analogue mixes to achieve the opposite effect. The lyrical content of their songs, especially prior to their last album, is often humorous and uplifting. Although the band is labelled as Blink 182 on albums prior to Raynor's departure, the specific syntax for the band's current name is blink–182, as opposed to Blink–182 or their former name, blink. The numbers 182 were added to the band's name to prevent a copyright conflict with an Irish pop/rock group that calls itself "Blink".

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