Pedro Ruy-Blas

Biographie Pedro Ruy-Blas

Pedro Ruy-Blas
is a singer, composer and actor. His more than 50 years in the music world makes him one of the main references in Spain. He shared stages with the most important jazz musicians obtaining national and international recognition and a career of success, becoming a fundamental part of music history. Thanks to the quality of his voice, his interpretative skills and his tenacity he earned his participation in demanding musical theater productions such as Jesus Christ Superstar, Les Miserables or Cats among many others, always leaving an indelible mark on the audience.

His secret to keep going in this complex world is continuous learning and not taking anything for granted. In this interview he gives us his impressions on the profession and about his special relationship with jazz. Conversing with him is a pleasure and a privilege for YanMag.

“Feeling apprenticed is the most beautiful state in which an artist can find himself”

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