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Ensemble Bradamante
It could be said that Ensemble Bradamante has always existed because its history is long and goes as far back as the first musical years of its young members. However, the group as we know it today came together in the context of the Axion Classics competition back in 2006 . They walked away from the contest with a first prize, which led them to perform at several events on the Belgian music scene such as the preview of the Festival de Wallonie and the Juillet musical de Saint-Hubert.

In 2010, Ensemble Bradamante reunited after a year-long break during which the musicians widened their experience in different conservatoires of music around Europe. Enthusiastic and inspired, Anne-Catherine Gosselé, Leonor Palazzo, Rachel Heymans and Paule Van den Driessche threw themselves into the creation of the character, musical colours and unique repertoire of the Ensemble. More recently, they have immersed themselves in the world of Johann Sebastian Bach with a series of concerts dedicated to the composer while simultaneously creating a fascinating programme entitled Yesterday Tomorrow following their research into the tones and colours associated with 17th century avant-garde music.

The group finds inspiration for its next musical journey on the other side of the Channel, embracing British music from the Middle Ages to the present day. Ensemble Bradamante has been invited to perform a Fringe concert at the Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht 2012.

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