Biographie Tino Izzo

Tino Izzo
Tino's love affair with music began at ten years old with his father, himself a guitarist, as mentor. Although in time he adopted many different instruments as his mistress, his affection always ran deepest for the guitar. Basically as a self taught musician, Tino was determined to become the fastest guitarist on this planet. Technique was all that mattered. Izzo explains… "But I re-evaluated my objectives when I started getting into pop music. One of the things that I liked about it was its rejection of the more 'Athletic' approach to music. So once I brought my technique up to a level that was acceptable to me, I began discarding the notion of technique as an end in itself. I went back to my blues and rock'n roll roots and rediscovered what I call the 'ONE NOTE'. In other words, it's not so much what you play as how you play it. I now wanted the guitar to serve the melody, not the other way around."

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