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Label: Double Moon Records

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Crossover Jazz

Artist: Fussyduck

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FLAC 44.1 $ 13.20
  • 1Bricks05:20
  • 2A Brighter Day04:57
  • 3Refugium08:14
  • 4Zafu04:43
  • 5Mambo Requiem08:57
  • 6Encore Cinq Minutes05:56
  • 7Maybe That's All We Get02:15
  • Total Runtime40:22

Info for Maybe That's All We Get

Fussyduck is not only characterized by an unusual name and an unusual cast, but also by the international origin of the band members. Alto saxophonist Guillaume Guedin, violinist Robin Antunes and drummer Baptiste Dolt come from Paris, pianist Leandro Irarragorri grew up as the son of a Cuban father in Zurich, the young bassist Daisy George comes from London and trombonist Florian Weiss lives in Bern, where he plays in the quartet Woodooism, among others.

“We all attended a workshop held as a cooperation of jazz schools in Tuscany as part of our studies,” Weiss said about the summer five years previously. "It was about networking, getting to know each other and of course playing music with each other. It worked out well with us both in terms of music and on a personal level, and we decided to form a band as a result.”

After a few concerts, Fussyduck quickly attracted international attention and won the renowned Bejazz Transnational Prize in Bern in the spring of 2019. Soon after, they recorded their debut album "Maybe That's All We Get" in Loft in Cologne, which is now being released.

"Because we are a sextet, not exactly the smallest line-up, we could be called a chamber music jazz orchestra," Florian Weiss tried to describe the band's sound. "That was something that everyone could connect to."

The sound of Fussyduck is light-footed and transparent and lives, among other things, from the contrasts created by the sound of alto saxophone, trombone and violin – ferocity and coffee house charm, a sense of exciting musical stories and an inimitable joint groove from an exciting connection.

"We are all very different, and each of us does a lot of things," Weiss stated. "As musicians, we go in many different directions, so our sound is very varied. We are a colorful bunch who get on well with each other, and that's why we also fit together well musically. Everyone contributes his or her independence to the collective."

This is also reflected in the repertoire of "Maybe That's All We Get". The lively rhythm of “A Brighter Day” is by Daisy George as is the title track, and the refined-sounding ballad “Encore Cinq Minutes” was composed by Robin Antunes. On the other hand, Florian Weiss is responsible for the increasingly lurking and brooding sound of “Refugium”, in which Baptiste Dolt creates a gentle groove with brushes before the song takes a rhythmic turn and Dolt reaches for the sticks.

"I originally composed the piece for my quartet and already released it," Weiss said. "It was one of the first pieces that we played together and in which everything just seemed right on target. Due to the enlargement of the band to include piano and violin, the piece has gained more volume, which is not the only reason why we have kept and recorded it in the repertoire. It is very emotional, because it is about an inner retreat that actually only exists in thought."

Guillaume Guedin contributed three songs. The clearly and floatingly constructed "Bricks" opens the album, "Zafu" is a piece in which all band members contribute their musical esprit and then there is "Mambo Requiem" by the great pianist Lennie Tristano.

"Guillaume arranged the piece; he is a great fan of Tristano and Lee-Konitz," Florian Weiss knows. "It actually consists of two pieces, and their dichotomy interested him. He composed it in a very cool way for our line-up, and it is an important song in our repertoire."

The result is an album in which snappy sounds, emotional warm passages and rhythmic subtleties are interwoven and create a band sound that is truly unique.


are a transnational collaborative project, born in the summer of 2017, in a workshop in Tuscany. The sextet blends an unusual front line of Violin (Robin Antunes - Paris), Alto Sax (Guillaume Guedin - Paris) and Trombone (Flo Weiss - Bern), and combines this with the classic piano trio setting of Piano (Leandro Irarragorri - Zurich), Double Bass (Daisy George - London) and Drums (Baptiste Dolt - Paris). Fussyduck brings together the beauty of an orchestral like frontline, with the excitement of a seriously driving engine.

In spring 2019 Fussyduck won the renowned BeJazz Transnational Prize in Bern, Switzerland, and recorded their debut album in January 2020. Maybe that's all we get is going to be released in spring 2022 on Double Moon Records.

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