Arde Estocolmo Pedro Guerra

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Label: Legacy Recordings

Genre: Latin

Subgenre: Pop Latino

Artist: Pedro Guerra

Composer: Pedro Guerra

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  • 1La Risa02:54
  • 2La Perla03:26
  • 3Márgenes03:16
  • 4Esperando por Mí02:44
  • 5Lobos03:08
  • 6En la Oscuridad03:21
  • 7El Durmiente del Valle03:21
  • 8Arde Estocolmo03:18
  • 9Instante02:48
  • 10De Invierno03:01
  • 11El Fuego02:33
  • 12Insomnio02:47
  • 13El Tiempo03:02
  • 14Ángela02:52
  • 15Camile Claudel03:10
  • Total Runtime45:41

Info for Arde Estocolmo

Pedro Guerra will release two new albums for this April as reported by his office. The first will be Arde Stockholm, his new single project with unpublished and where the canary plays all the instruments from strings to percussion tracks.

"I had another idea from Sweden, Denmark, northern countries, perfect democracies, the paradigm of the welfare state. But I read in the newspaper a story about the riots and disturbances. They were flying stones, burning containers. That news it helped me to realize what you discover when you lift the carpet or move a couch. what you can find below, is that idea, "says Pedro by way of explanation the disc title.

The second work, which will name 14 of the bush 14, is a collective project in which Pedro Guerra has musicalizado fourteen sonnets of Joaquín Sabina and will be sung by thirty artists like Joan Manuel Serrat, Victor Manuel, Ana Belen and Estrella Morente, among others.

Pedro Guerra
began composing his own music at the age of 14, becoming a singer two years later. At the age of 18 the young artist moved from Güímar to La Laguna, getting quickly involved in the local music scene. Soon after, Guerra participated with four of his songs in a compilation sponsored by the local government, also joining a group of artists called Taller Canario. In 1993 Pedro Guerra decided to move to Madrid. After singing at small local venues, his songs began to get attention and be performed by famous Spanish singers such as Paloma San Basilio, Victor Manuel, and Ana Belen. In 1994 Pedro Guerra was awarded for the first time after his song 'Ondas' was voted the best of the year in Spain. Following the release of his first live album called Golosinas, Pedro Guerra recorded in Paris and Madrid Tan Cerca de Mi, issued in 1997. One of his major achievements was composing the soundtrack for Mararía, a movie directed by José Betancor. Played by the Canary Islands' Philharmonic Orquestra, the album was nominated by the Spanish Academy of Cinematographic Sciences for Best Movie Soundtrack. In February 1999 Guerra's album Raíz was released.

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