Dune: Part Two (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Hans Zimmer

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Label: Watertower Music

Genre: Soundtrack

Subgenre: Film

Artist: Hans Zimmer

Composer: Hans Zimmer (1957)

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  • 1Beginnings Are Such Delicate Times08:56
  • 2Eclipse05:13
  • 3The Sietch02:34
  • 4Water of Life03:06
  • 5A Time of Quiet Between the Storms04:21
  • 6Harvester Attack03:40
  • 7Worm Ride02:19
  • 8Ornithopter Attack02:10
  • 9Each Man Is a Little War01:21
  • 10Harkonnen Arena05:22
  • 11Spice00:37
  • 12Seduction02:02
  • 13Never Lose Me01:16
  • 14Travel South01:10
  • 15Paul Drinks01:47
  • 16Resurrection02:16
  • 17Arrival01:40
  • 18Southern Messiah05:22
  • 19The Emperor01:38
  • 20Worm Army03:33
  • 21Gurney Battle02:25
  • 22You Fought Well01:42
  • 23Kiss the Ring03:12
  • 24Only I Will Remain06:44
  • 25Lisan al Gaib06:36
  • Total Runtime01:21:02

Info for Dune: Part Two (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The atmospheric soundtrack to the long-awaited sequel clocks in at twenty-five tracks that run through more than an hour.

Multi-award-winning composer Hans Zimmer has just released the highly-anticipated soundtrack to the long-awaited sequel of the 2021 blockbuster by Denis Villanueve, Dune.

Dune: Part Two‘s original score continues its predecessor’s tradition of featuring a blend of unconventional electronic synth usage and otherworldly instruments (some of which he built himself) –– which resulted in a retrofuturistic sound unlike anything he’s ever done. The original motion picture soundtrack to the upcoming film is also more expansive than its predecessor, with twenty-five tracks that run through a full duration of one hour and twenty-one minutes to accompany the visual feast that is to be expected in the upcoming film.

"I never left the world of Dune. In fact, I think [Denis Villeneuve] thought I was quite mad, because I kept writing after we finished the first movie. But because I knew the story, I knew the book, I knew what was coming our way. And in fact, a lot of the main themes in this second movie were written at the end of the first film, before Denis started shooting. It felt important to carry on writing when we were still in the same spirit, the same frame of mind." (Hans Zimmer)

During the 2022 Academy Awards, Zimmer took home the Oscar for Best Original Score for his work on Dune: Part One. Though Zimmer is perhaps more recognized for his contributions to the world of film for his soundtracks to Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, Inception, and The Dark Knight Trilogy, the musical virtuoso previously mentioned that scoring the science-fiction blockbuster has always been his dream project. ‘Dune’ is one of my favorite books from my teenage years,” Zimmer said in a 2019 interview with The Playlist, also emphasizing that his work on creating solely originated from his love for and knowledge of Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel. “[In making this], I was coming at this from a sort of fresh way –– just from the book.”

"I wanted [Hans Zimmer] to write something unforgettable for Chani. A love theme, the love of Paul for Chani. I wanted something heartbreaking, and the most beautiful love theme ever written, and honestly I think he did it with the track ‘A Time of Quiet Between the Storms.’ It’s one of the most beautiful scores he’s written. I remember when I first listened to it, I was in tears." (Denis Villeneuve)

Yet with his passion for crafting the music for both Part One and Part Two of the film, the renowned composer was able to record and publish two complementary albums to the film, The Dune Sketchbook (Music From The Soundtrack) and The Art and Soul of Dune (Companion Book Music) –– with both of them receiving significant acclaim and recognition. Describing the music made for the films, Zimmer mentioned “As I worked, it became more and more abstract,” he says. “I never saw it as scenes. I saw everything as a totality. It’s an electronic score, not an orchestral one, but in a peculiar way it’s one of the more organic scores I’ve done.”

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