Notes of Longing Matteo Myderwyk

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Label: Warner Classics

Genre: Instrumental

Subgenre: Piano

Artist: Matteo Myderwyk

Composer: Matteo Myderwyk

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  • Matteo Myderwyk (b. 1990):
  • 1Intermission01:39
  • 2Remembrance03:22
  • 3The Young Weaver03:15
  • 4Evening Song02:32
  • 5Unseen03:17
  • 6Aria02:25
  • 7Passing Notes04:38
  • 8Longing02:54
  • 9Waltz For Waving Starlings02:37
  • 10Sequence04:06
  • 11Pastorale02:04
  • 12Lullaby02:38
  • 13Continuum04:37
  • Total Runtime40:04

Info for Notes of Longing

Matteo’s first album with us combines solo piano and electronic synth-tracks. The album includes many melodious and catchy works, simply perfect for modern-classical piano mood playlists as well as for synch opportunities. "This album is entirely dedicated to all forms of longing. Whether it is wistful longing of moments from the past, or the desire for future better times. The Notes of Longing premise is to accompany the listener through all of his or her intimate moments of daydreaming and longing. Therefore, this album is fully dedicated to those seeking comfort." (Matteo Myderwyk)

Matteo Myderwyk, piano

Matteo Myderwyk
As a classical pianist at the conservatory, Myderwyk abandoned the music of his heroes Bach, Liszt and Messiaen to develop his own musical vocabulary.

First of all, he decided to throw away the rulebook of classical music altogether, ending up enthralled in the wonderful world of free-jazz. Making music without plan or pre-written composition gave a new creative impulse that pushed the musician’s craft to exciting new directions.

Myderwyk learned his most important lesson in this experimental period; music isn't something written on paper, but materializes in the moment.

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