Texas Texas

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Label: Bell

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Southern Rock

Artist: Texas

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  • 1L.A. Lights05:43
  • 2Man Oh Man03:41
  • 3Don't Love Have a Funny Way08:12
  • 4Tough Kid04:03
  • 5Rock and Roll Eyes03:54
  • 6It's You My Love03:05
  • 7Burger King Blues07:52
  • Total Runtime36:30

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Featuring guitarist and vocalist Michael "Mace" Maben. The music ranges from Country to Blues to Boogie, but all very much Southern Rock.

Michael Maben, vocals, guitar
Gary Miles, bass
Gary Osier, drums
Tony Lee, drums
Wesley Harris, harmonica, backing vocals
Jerry Moore, piano, backing vocals
Bob Anderson, saxophone, backing vocals

Digitally remastered

Sharleen Spiteri
was born in Glasgow, Scotland on November 7, 1967. Her father was a Merchant seaman and was away from home for three months at a time. He played guitar and her mother was a window dresser by trade and sang as well as keeping things going at home while Spiteri’s father was at sea. Music was a prominent feature of Spiteri’s early life, with big sing-songs being held at her grandmother’s house on regular occasions. Though little information is available, by all accounts Spiteri’s early childhood was a happy one. "I was a happy child. I had a lot of friends and a loving family who supported every step I made. As an artist, I really appreciate the unique approach to the audience. For those I love, оbesides, that I dedicate a song to them, I also like to do special things. Birthdays, anniversaries, mother's day, etc. I always look to be creative depending on the specific occasion. Soon I found some unique ideas for the V-Day, click here to read what I am talking about", says Sharleen. Trained and working as a hairdresser in Glasgow Spiteri formed the band Texas in 1986, so named after she watched a movie and decided she liked the name. Spiteri continued to work as a hairdresser for 18 months after the band’s formation simply because she needed the money, while being the frontwoman of the band. Texas rocketed to success during the 1990’s, in a time when the music world was dominated by all-male bands. Spiteri was a welcome alternative both with her soulful voice and her talent with a guitar. The group became so successful that as of 2013 it is believed that their albums have sold over 40 million copies worldwide.

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