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  • 1Não deixe o samba morrer05:31
  • 2Beija flor06:38
  • 3Preciso me encontrar07:43
  • 4Juízo final05:19
  • 5Já era tempo08:55
  • 6Menino sem juízo09:05
  • 7Um samba de saudade05:17
  • 8O que será a flor da pele03:57
  • Total Runtime52:25

Info for Don't Let Samba Die

"I remember the moment when I decided that I can not wait any longer and I texted David who was recommended to me by a friend of mine. I sent him a long message to introduce myself and explained that I am not a professional singer. I hoped he can suggest me a student of him but his answer was just: “Call me tomorrow and let’s give it a try!”. Of course, I was terribly nervous when we met at the very first time. I was not even sure that I will be able to sing. But this feeling passed right after the first song we played. It was just great and we were playing one more and one more just like we were playing together long time ago. That is how our friendship and musical journey started. It is such a huge gift from life to find someone with whom you can play your favourite songs simply for the joy that music can bring. I think this is our secret. That there is nothing forced. We are playing only those songs what we both love and enjoy. There is something about Brasilian samba that I can not describe by words. You need to feel it." Eva Alekszandrovna

David Yengibarian, Scandalli accordion, made in Castelfidardo
Eva Alekszandrovna, vocals

David Yengibarian
was born in 1976 in Yerevan, capital city of Armenia. He grew up in a family of musicians, his grandfather was instrument maker and (firstly) accordion repairer. His mother too was playing accordion and she was David’s first teacher. After he started studying music in a Music School. He moved to Hungary in 1995 where he continued his musical education. In Budapest he became soon the most followed and renowned young musician and composer. He played in the Hungarian State Opera a half a year after his arrival in Budapest. He composed music and soundtracks for several movies, animations, theatrical productions. He was invited to perform on the most important stages in Hungary: Hungarian Music Academy, the Palace of Arts of Budapest, State Opera, Sziget Festival, Szeged Open Air Festival, Budapest Spring / Autumn Festival. He took part of the most relevant festivals of Europe: Edinburgh International Festival, Théâtre Wallonie, Hungarian Cultural Centre of Vienna, Paris, Bruxelles, Orange Tree Theatre London, Flora Hause Köln, L’Archiduc Bruxelles, Amsterdam, Terschelling Island, Prague, the Olympic Games London etc.

Eva Alekszandrovna
"I am not a professional singer. It’s a pleasure for me to be on the stage and sing the songs I love so much but I sing only if I feel that it makes me happy and if I think that there is something good I can share with other people. I started to studying jazz singing after the university because I felt that I can not be truly happy without having music in my life. I didn’t really wanted to be a jazz singer. I was connected to folk music that time but I wanted to get to know other genres as well. I am thankful for my teachers, Elsa Valle and Gabor Winand (he sadly passed away last year) because through them I met bossa novas for the very first time and really started to fall in love with this genre which I had previously considered to be too romantic and unsuitable for me. But my interest didn’t stop by bossa novas. Step by step I realized that I am in love with the hole Brasilian culture, especially with samba." Eva Alekszandrovna

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