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  • 1Good with His Hands03:33
  • 2Edward Hopper's Bar03:43
  • 3England Green & England Grey04:35
  • 4One Way Ticket to Louise02:53
  • 5Sophie (This Beautiful Day)06:58
  • 6And Jesus Wept04:40
  • 7The Band Played Sweet Marie04:48
  • 8Looking for Johnnie Ray04:19
  • 9Jealous03:21
  • 10I Need You04:46
  • 11The Shoreline and the Sea04:01
  • 12Worry No More03:34
  • Total Runtime51:11

Info for Reg Meuross

Love, death, politics, social commentary, these are all tools of the singer/songwriter's trade and, whether drawn from life or imagination, Reg Meuross wields them with the best, crafting songs that touch the heart, stimulate the mind. That is certainly true, offering a collection of songs revisited from across his career.

Sounding a political note, "England Green & England Grey" details factory closures, corporate greed and the dismantling of the NHS to the backdrop of a hymnal tune that conjures the 'green' of a cultural folk tradition.

Reg's clever and imaginative lyrics have earned him the title of "Master Storyteller" (PennyBlack Music) and led Mike Harding (Mike Harding Folk Show) to introduce him onto the stage of The Royal Albert Hall as "one of the finest singer-songwriters this country has produced".

Reg Meuross is an English singer and songwriter based in Somerset, England. Although active for decades, Reg Meuross is a new discovery for Stockfisch Records: He has been described as "a warm, engaging live entertainer (whose) same easy going feel informs his discs and their songs of love, longing and true life stories". Mike Davies in NetRhythms

Reg Meuross, vocals, guitar
Ian Melrose, guitars, flute
Lutz Moller, piano, keyboards
Justin Ciuche, violin
Lucile Chaubard, cello
Jean Kelly, Irish harp
Lea Morris, backing vocals
Antoine Putz, fretless & electric bass
Hans-Jorg Maucksch, fretless bass
Beo Brockhausen, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, bowed psaltery, autoharp

Reg Meuross
first emerged onto the acoustic music scene in the 1980s with The Panic Brothers and has, over the years of touring and playing solo as well as with many other acclaimed artists, developed a style that as Pete Townshend says allows the listener to embrace the whole breadth of his work over many years without distraction he sings in the neutral accent of an Englishman who travels the entirety of the British Isles, and tastes all its flavours, influenced by all its most profound national colours. In this he reminds one of Roy Harper or Ewan McColl.

Then came The Flamingos, and one album (Arrested), which featured guitarist Martin Belmont (ex-Graham Parker), Bob Loveday (Penguin Cafe Orchestra & Bob Geldofs Band) and Alison Jones (The Barely Works).

In 1996 Reg released his first critically acclaimed solo album, The Goodbye Hat, and was nominated for several music awards, including best song for, Ring Around The Roses. Short Stories followed (2004) then Still (2006), Dragonfly (2008), All This Longing (2010) and The Dreamed and the Drow ned (2011) a collection of 13 previously unreleased songs commissioned and compiled by Stephen Jordan at The Bodleian Music Library, Oxford who says, "This is Reg Meuross at his most eclectic and inspiring best.

In 2012 Reg was invited by Abbey Road to record an album in their world famous studios and he took this opportunity to respond to the many requests for him to make a CD that reflects the warmth and intimacy of his live shows. The album, Leaves and Feathers, did just that and is a collection of 12 beautiful songs stripped down to the bare bones which prompted Pennyblack Music to say: calling Meuross a singer-songwriter really doesnt do the man justice. [He] doesnt write lines of lyrics. He writes short stories then sets them to some of the most captivating melodies youll ever hear. Meuross is one of the most talented storytellers of our generation.

Receiving 5-star reviews across the board, Leaves & Feathers was hailed by many to be Regs most accomplished collection yet. Given the consistency of quality of all his albums until then this was a hard act to follow but Reg's next album, England Green and England Grey, rose to the challenge with songs like Counting My Footsteps To You, a deeply moving commentary on dementia, along with other difficult topics. The album commemorated the centenary of WW1 with an unromanticised account of the story of Flora Sandes (the only woman officially to fight in WW1); it told the tale of the bandleader and his violin both lost in the Titanic disaster, The Band Played Sweet Marie; and, it delivered an anthem for our times: England Green and England Grey. The album was awarded Best Of 2014 by FolkWords.

In 2016 Reg released the album, December, containing 10 beautiful songs. Many fans know Reg for the extraordinary intimacy of his live solo performances, and it was countless requests at these gigs for the one that sounds just like what weve just heard which inspired the creation of December with songs which go straight to the heart. Pure Reg!

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