Imaginary Brazil Corciolli

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Label: Azul Music

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Instrumental

Artist: Corciolli

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  • Corciolli (b. 1968):
  • 1Tears of the Rainforest04:42
  • 2Vila Rica04:24
  • 3Eyes of the Jaguar04:29
  • 4Arandu Ara04:30
  • 5Quilombo05:22
  • 6Requiem04:49
  • 7Prelúdio Silencioso No. 104:59
  • 8Into the Backlands06:56
  • 9Sonata Cabocla05:46
  • 10Relicarium03:44
  • Total Runtime49:41

Info for Imaginary Brazil

"Imaginary Brazil" is the new album of the Brazilian composer and keyboardist Corciolli. This is the 33rd album of his career. Imaginary Brazil delivers 10 compositions written for piano, violin and cello, complemented by orchestral arrangements, percussions and electronic synthesizers. Inspired by the Brazilian imagination, Corciolli creatively merges influences of European classical school, African rhythms and indigenous sounds.

With special guest performances by Pablo de León on violin and Raïff Dantas Barreto on cello (respectively spalla and 1st cello of the São Paulo Municipal Symphony Orchestra) as guest soloists, the album also features contributions from soprano Rose de Souza, percussionist Kabé Pinheiro and virtuoso guitarist Camilo Carrara, among others.

Themes featured include "Vila Rica", inspired by the life and work of Aleijadinho, genius of the baroque mineiro; "Sonata Cabocla", who describes a day in the simple life of a “good worker” caboclo in the deep interior of that country; "Eyes of the Jaguar", inspired by the secret of fire, according to an ancient legend of the Surui people of Rondônia, who lived in the eyes of jaguars, until it was stolen by the Orobab bird.


was born in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1968 and began to study piano at the age of 13 with Nair Tabet, a disciple of Magdalena Tagliaferro. Then, with Cacho Souza, he improved on the art of harmonizing and improvising jazz and Brazilian music. However, it was the electronic synthesizers, with their unlimited sonic variables, that deepened his relationship with music and composition.

He graduated with a degree in architecture, without ever leaving the music aside. Over the years, he played in several bands and also as a solo pianist, but it was the Brazilian bass legend Celso Pixinga and soon after, with the rhumba flamenco band Espírito Cigano, that consolidated his musical and professional experience. In 1992, he left the band in search of his own melodies.

A year later, he founded his own record label Azul Music, releasing his first solo album ALL THAT BINDS US. In 1995 came the UNIO MYSTICA album, a daring musical suite recorded in the Monastery of São Bento (in São Paulo) with Gregorian chants, Medieval Latin lyrics, soprano voice and orchestral arrangements. Acclaimed by the public and critics, the album was released in 40 countries and received a special blessing from His Holiness Pope John Paul II. The following year, Corciolli performed with the Tibetan Monks of Gaden Shartse in two memorable concerts at the “Memorial da América Latina”, in São Paulo. With the monks, he recorded and released the album THE NEW MOON OF EAST, the first-ever encounter of sacred Tibetan tradition with the music of a Western composer.

As an independent artist, his remarkable accomplishments include more than 2 million CDs sold; Participation in soundtracks and international compilations alongside artists like Hans Zimmer, Vangelis, Enigma, The Alan Parsons Project, Sarah Brightman and Luciano Pavarotti among others; He has produced several artists and coordinated hundreds of projects for Azul Music, including 2 collections of CDs for the outstanding Brazilian magazine “Caras”, which together sum 12 million CDs marketed in newsstands all over Brazil.

In recent years, he has been dedicating himself to film soundtracks composition, incorporating the language of the synthesizers to the acoustic and orchestral sounds; His music has gained remarkable recognition, especially in the U.S., where he has about 600k listeners on PANDORA internet radio.

Music to enjoy in the silent spaces of the soul.

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