Man About Town Mayer Hawthorne

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Label: Vagrant Records

Genre: R&B

Subgenre: Soul

Artist: Mayer Hawthorne

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  • 1Man About Town00:41
  • 2Cosmic Love03:13
  • 3Book of Broken Hearts03:31
  • 4Breakfast in Bed04:07
  • 5Lingerie & Candlewax03:37
  • 6Fancy Clothes04:05
  • 7The Valley03:32
  • 8Love Like That04:06
  • 9Get You Back03:36
  • 10Out of Pocket03:22
  • Total Runtime33:50

Info for Man About Town

On Man About Town, Grammy-nominated recording artist Mayer Hawthorne is back to handling the lion's share of production. He also played near every instrument on the album and penned every track.

His songwriting pulls from his life and observations - his heartache and joy. Sometimes it's groovy, other times he's vulnerable and sincere. It's the shit people listen to when they wanna get drunk and stoned and sentimental. The reason? Mayer Hawthorne stays making that timeless, soulful, baby-making music.

"Man About Town" marks Hawthorne's first solo album since 2013's 'Where Does This Door Go', though the musician has been hardly silent since, releasing two collaborative albums in as many years. He first teamed with producer 14KT to form the synth-pop group, Jaded Incorporated, which released The Big Knock in 2014; while the following year, Hawthorne and Seattle MC Jake One released a self-titled album as Tuxedo.

"The albums lead single Love Like That delivers as the musical spawn of Mark Ronson and Gym Class Heroes; funk and disco orientated but with a gangster attitude! And the double time synths and harmoniously layered vocals on the chorus of The Valley are dripping in (slightly cheesy) 60s nostalgia. Man About Town is pleasantly diverse and clearly required an abundance of skill from Hawthorne. That being said, it is not without flaw, lacking some of the substance we have learned to expect from his previous albums. Regardless though, it is an accomplished record, and the ideal soundtrack to a hot summers day." (Georgia Balson,

Mayer Hawthorne

Mayer Hawthorne
has come a long way since his 2008 debut, and right now he says, “Life is great.” He’s released three well-received full-length albums, had songs licensed for film and television, and toured the world with Bruno Mars, Foster The People, Erykah Badu, Janelle Monae, and the late Amy Winehouse. His latest, Where Does This Door Go (2013, Republic), features production work from Pharrell Williams, Greg Wells, Jack Splash, John Hill, and Oak (of Oak & Pop), who contributes the smooth and powerful single “Her Favorite Song.” Mayer grew up just outside of Detroit in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and remembers, as a child, driving through the Motor City with his father and tuning the car radio I n to the region’s rich musical tapestry. He has produced music and played multiple instruments for much of his life and uses skills honed as a club DJ to create his own original dance floor fillers. Throughout the years he’s cited Soul legends Barry White and Curtis Mayfield as inspiration, along with late hip-hop producer J Dilla. But comfortably relocated in Los Angeles, the hat he now wears is that of a yachtsman in the mold of Hall and Oates, Steely Dan and Michael McDonald. The old influences remain—the creative vision of Dilla, the urban elegance of Mayfield and White—but today’s Hawthorne is a smiling sophisticate. Some have described the vibe of Where Does This Door Go as “Steely Dan meets the Beastie Boys,” which suggests both a studio seriousness and playfully irreverent approach. “The only rule I had when I went in to make this album was that it had to be fun,” he says. In the last five years, Mayer has grown as a singer, songwriter and in his desire for collaboration. Working with touring partners like Winehouse and Badu bolstered his vocal chops by teaching him how to use his voice as an instrument. Lyrically, he’s moved away from the bitter break-up tone of his first two albums toward more diverse storytelling and personal coming-of-age content, and he’s relaxed his DIY ethos of crafting every song from start to finish. Now, he’s motivated to create soul music that can win—win on the radio, win on the charts, win over clubs and win over hearts. With Where Does This Door Go, Mayer is back to his soul foundation and hip-hop roots, and is making the most enjoyable and youthful music of his career. “This record for me is really about a journey into the unknown,” he says. “As a musician, you’re only as good as your next record, and you never know what’s through that next door.”

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