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  • 1Silent Blue03:55
  • 2Mr. Ho-Ba-La-La05:17
  • 3Partir03:59
  • 4Empty Promises03:11
  • 5Hurting03:17
  • 6The Chance04:28
  • 7Sahara Blues (The Tale of the Blue Veiled Desert Warrior)04:42
  • 8Keep Dreaming03:35
  • 9You Wanna03:42
  • 10Coming Home02:41
  • 11Distant Skies04:10
  • 12Bei Dir War Es Immer so Schoen03:26
  • Total Runtime46:23

Info for Transatlantico

The Berlin band Jagun takes listeners on a musical journey from Berlin to Melbourne and São Paulo on the 12 new songs on their third album. The entire album was produced in Berlin by the producer and songwriter team Eva Jagun and Manuel Zacek and moves stylistically between jazz, pop, bossa nova and samba. The title "Transatlântico" probably best describes what defines the current music of the two Berliners by choice. Various stylistic inspirations from North & South America as well as the close cooperation with many musicians from all over the world helped the album to its individual sound. Again, Brazilian music culture was the biggest influence. Connected to the flowery-metaphorical language of Bossa Nova, Eva's English lyrics full of romance and poetry tell of farewells, hardships and of course love, its coming into being and passing away.

Eva Jaguns, vocals
Manuel Zacek, guitar

Eva Jagun
Jagun’s sounds and stories depict a religion of happiness that is closely tied to life. It is ourselves who are extoled in warm tones and gentle language. Yet, this happiness is never sugar-coated. It encounters us with an indulging melancholy. Jagun finds this happiness in in-between spaces: „Now I’m running on the clouds, earth below and skies above, naked feet, my bags are empty, life is light.“ Eva Jagun’s voice smoothly carries us to this in-between place of silent longing. The music is driven by a subtle vividness. Something affects us: a feeling of pure presence, of arriving in ourselves – or just alike: “a way back home”.

Eva Jagun celebrates human encounters in song. Maria, Manuel and Julie are the protagonists of her musical poetry and their life stories root each of Jagun’s tracks in everyday life. And yet, the music surpasses individual tales, contemplating life with tender earnestness. It leaves us with clear, bright and gentle impressions. Impulsive passages in both vocals and brass express this tenderness, illuminating the overwhelming emotions of worldly wisdom.

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