Solo: A Star Wars Story (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack-Deluxe Edition) John Powell

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Label: Walt Disney Records

Genre: Soundtrack

Subgenre: Film

Artist: John Powell

Composer: John Powell

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  • 1Meet Han (1M1) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)02:21
  • 2Bunk / Proxima (1M2-3) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)03:10
  • 3Corellia Chase (1M4-5) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)03:34
  • 4Spaceport (1M6-7) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)04:09
  • 5Gonna Be a Pilot (1M8) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)00:30
  • 6Empire Recruitment (1M9) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)00:32
  • 7Mimban Battle (1M10A-B) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)02:04
  • 8Blackmail (1M11) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)01:32
  • 9The Beast (2M12) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)02:37
  • 10Chewie Untamed (2M13) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)03:33
  • 11Surveying Conveyex (2M14) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)01:01
  • 12Deluxe Train Heist (2M15-16A-B-C) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)10:21
  • 13Walk to Dryden's (3M17) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)02:14
  • 14Chicken in the Pot (3M18S) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)02:08
  • 15Han & Qi'Ra Reunite (3M19) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)01:12
  • 16Stormtrooper JP-054 Karaoke (3M20S) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)02:08
  • 17Dryden's Patience Is Tested (3M21-22-23) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)05:30
  • 18Card Room (3M24) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)01:09
  • 19Sabacc Game (3M25) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)02:35
  • 20L3 & Millennium Falcon (3M26) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)03:17
  • 21Family Stories (4M27) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)01:59
  • 22Lando's Closet (4M28) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)02:10
  • 23Trust No One (4M29) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)01:17
  • 24Oksana Floren, yadda yadda yadda (4M30A) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)04:28
  • 25Extra Deluxe Mine Mission (4M30B-5M30C-31) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)10:23
  • 26Kessel Run in Less Than 12 Parsecs (5M32-33A-B-C) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)11:00
  • 27Savareen Tent (6M34) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)02:00
  • 28Enfys' Stand-Off (6M35) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)04:25
  • 29Qi’Ra Knows a Bit More Than Han (6M36-37-38) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)02:14
  • 30Double-Double Cross (6M39-40) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)04:47
  • 31Dryden’s Long, Long Fight (6M41-42) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)04:51
  • 32Maul's Call / Parting Ways (7M43-44-45) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)05:38
  • 33Lando’s Jungle Room (7M46S) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)01:02
  • 34Sabacc Rematch / To Tatooine (7M47-48) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)01:53
  • 35Super Extra Deluxe End Credits Suite (7MEC) (From "Solo: A Star Wars Story"/Score)09:57
  • Total Runtime02:03:41

Info for Solo: A Star Wars Story (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack-Deluxe Edition)

Composer John Powell who worked on the score for director Ron Howard’s Solo: A Star Wars Story posted the full track-list for the upcoming Deluxe Edition of the standalone film’s soundtrack. A total of 35 original/unedited tracks are listed in this edition of the soundtrack (over two hours in length).

Board the Millennium Falcon and journey to a galaxy far, far away in Solo: A Star Wars Story, an all-new adventure with the most beloved scoundrel in the galaxy. Through a series of daring escapades deep within a dark and dangerous criminal underworld, Han Solo meets his mighty future copilot Chewbacca and encounters the notorious gambler Lando Calrissian, in a journey that will set the course of one of the Star Wars saga's most unlikely heroes.

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