Z (aka Bernard Szajner) presents Visions of Dune Bernard Szajner

Cover Z (aka Bernard Szajner) presents Visions of Dune

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Label: InFiné

Genre: Ambiente

Subgenre: Electronic music

Artist: Bernard Szajner

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FLAC 44.1 $ 8.30
  • 1Dune04:53
  • 2Bashar01:34
  • 3Thufir Hawat01:10
  • 4Sardaukar01:00
  • 5Bene Gesserit07:17
  • 6Shai Hulud07:21
  • 7The Duke (Bonus Track)04:37
  • 8Fremen04:10
  • 9Harkonnen02:56
  • 10Adab02:27
  • 11Gom Jabbar01:25
  • 12Ibad04:47
  • 13Kwizatz Haderach05:47
  • 14Spice (Bonus Track)04:29
  • Total Runtime53:53

Info for Z (aka Bernard Szajner) presents Visions of Dune

Originally recorded in 1979, Bernard Szajner’s concept album Visions of Dune is based around Frank Herbert’s cult Dune Trilogy. A journey in the best sense of the word, this album builds stunning worlds out of grand artistic strokes, with imposing drones and cacophonous percussion colliding to evoke interstellar travel and mysterious life forms. From the prog rock pomp of the introductory 'Dune' to the modular masterpiece that is 'Shai-Hulud', through to the spine-tingling shill of the previously unreleased 'Duke', it's a bold and immersive listen that's well deserving of this sumptuous rerelease.

Bernard Szajner, Oberheim synthesizer, Arp Odyssey, Laser generators, Oberheim digital sequencer Colin Swinburne, Guitar (on Harkonnen, Ibad, Dune)
Clement Bailly, Drums (on Fremen, Harkonnen, Bashar, Sardaukar)
Hanny Rowe, Bass (on Harkonnen)
Klaus Blasquiz, Treated voice (on Ibad)
Anannka Raghel, Synthesized voice (on Kwizatz Haderach)

Recorded at Laser Graphics Studio
Remixed at Basing Street Studios London by Karel Beer and Robert Ash
Mastered at Trident Studios London, Cutting Engineer Ray Staff
Produced by Bernard Szajner

Remastered from the original tapes by Rashad Becker in Berlin

Bernard Szajner
Often described as the “French Brian Eno”, and like his British counterpart he has a parallel career as a successful visual artist. Before he started recording music he established himself as the mastermind behind innovative lighting effects for Gong, Magma, Pierre Henry, Oliver Messiasen, Stomu Yamashta and The Who. Later he became a pioneer in laser technology and robotics, inspired in 1980 by Samuel Delany’s novel Nova to create a laser harp which he used live on stage. He also collaborated with Howard Devoto of Magazine, and with Karel Beer in iconoclastic new wave outfit The (Hypothetical) Prophets. He has recently returned to making music after a long absence, inspired by the praise of musicians he has inspired such as Detroit techno icon Carl Craig, who cites Szajner’s music as being in his “all time top ten”.

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