Bert & John (2015 Remaster) Bert Jansch

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Label: Sanctuary Records

Genre: Songwriter

Subgenre: Folk Rock

Artist: Bert Jansch

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  • 1East Wind (2015 Remaster)01:28
  • 2Piano Tune (2015 Remaster)01:43
  • 3Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (2015 Remaster)03:55
  • 4Soho (2015 Remaster)03:03
  • 5Tic-Tocative (2015 Remaster)02:00
  • 6Orlando (2015 Remaster)01:41
  • 7Red's Favourite (2015 Remaster)01:37
  • 8No Exit (2015 Remaster)01:29
  • 9Along the Way (2015 Remaster)02:06
  • 10The Time Has Come (2015 Remaster)02:58
  • 11Stepping Stones (2015 Remaster)02:47
  • 12After the Dance (2015 Remaster)02:22
  • Total Runtime27:09

Info for Bert & John (2015 Remaster)

Bert Jansch released two albums simultaneously in August 1966. "Bert And John" was the first full album to feature him in partnership with John Renbourn and presented their contrasting but sublimely sympathetic approaches in the year before their playing laid the foundations for Pentangle.

John Robinson's notes elucidate brilliantly how Jansch and Renbourn's creative and personal outlooks - as well as their guitar techniques - meshed so well, born out of endless jamming together at the flat they shared. "Bert And John" is a slim volume, he says, It's a powerful one. If Jack Orion sounds like a night out amid the traditionalists and the modernists of the London folk scene, simultaneously ribald and academic, boozy and purposeful, "Bert And John" is like the vulnerable morning after, the album returning to the concerns of the modern world in a rather more subdued mood.

This superb edition is the third in a series of all seven of Bert Jansch's Transatlantic Records recordings, all of which have been remastered from the original master tapes for the first time ever.

"One of the long-standing collaborations of the British folk revival, Bert Jansch and John Renbourn's Bert and John sees the masterful Pentangle guitarists sparing together through their trademark steel-string guitar styles. Their respective solo careers established them both as leading troubadours of British Isles folk, with little debate and few peers, besides maybe Wizz Jones and Ralph McTell. On this album the duo finds good company in each other's techniques, which are quite indistinguishable in both guitar playing and singing through traditional adaptations, blues, and originals in the Anglo-folk style. The duo plays beautifully together in a candid setting." (Dean McFarlane, AMG)

Bert Jansch, guitar
John Renbourn, guitar

Digitally remastered

Bert Jansch
born in Scotland, he was steeped in American blues and jazz, North African music, and folk early in his career, and by the beginning of the ’60s he was playing the British folk clubs, extending his musical education. Artists like Martin Carthy and Anne Briggs turned him on to songs in the British folk tradition. By the mid-’60s Jansch had set up residence in London where he began and playing live shows, and by making the studio recordings that would come to influence a generation of songwriters, singers, and guitar players. Classic artists like Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, Paul Simon, Donovan, Elton John, and Nick Drake, all the way up to present artists like Fleet Foxes and Devendra Banhart, have acknowledged Jansch as a major influence and innovator of acoustic guitar playing. By his second album, Jansch was collaborating with John Renbourn, another seminal British folk guitar giant. Together in 1967, they formed The Pentangle, one of the most important British folk groups of the ’60s.

Bert Jansch is listed as one of Rolling Stone magazine’s “Top 100 Guitar Players Of All Time.”

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