Cosmic Dawn (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Alan Howarth

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Label: AHI

Genre: Soundtrack

Subgenre: Music

Artist: Alan Howarth

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  • 1I Love You This Much03:24
  • 2Hospital Awakening03:38
  • 3Cosmic Dawn Book04:06
  • 4Deiter's Message03:30
  • 5You Were Chosen03:54
  • 6It's Been a Long Time04:06
  • 7I'm Here to Pick you Up04:06
  • 8Boat Ride04:53
  • 9In the Compound05:41
  • 10Where's The House04:01
  • 11I'm Leaving01:20
  • 12She Believes She Did06:45
  • 13She Said She'll Return For You03:30
  • 14Can I Trust You03:12
  • 15Elyse's Room04:10
  • 16Till That Witch Appeared05:40
  • 17Was That My Dad03:50
  • 18She's Ready for You06:30
  • 19Sure You Know What Your Doing06:35
  • 20Reaching The Dawn07:54
  • 21I am Zina08:02
  • Total Runtime01:38:47

Info for Cosmic Dawn (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Alan Howarth (Escape from New York, Big Trouble in Little China, They Live, Halloween II, III & IV, Prince of Darkness, Christine) has released a soundtrack album for the sci-fi thriller Cosmic Dawn.

Cosmic Dawn is directed by Jefferson Moneo and stars Camille Rowe, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Joshua Burge, Phil Granger and Antonia Zegers. The movie follows a woman who joined an UFO cult after witnessing the alien abduction of her mother as a child and years later – after having moved on from the cult – is forced to confront her past and pursue the ultimate truth about The Cosmic Dawn.

Plot: After witnessing an alien abduction as a child (and subsequently being told she’s crazy for most of her life) Aurora, now a young woman, joins the UFO cult The Cosmic Dawn after discovering a book written by the group’s leader, Elyse. Aurora’s time at the cult’s remote island compound is marked by miraculous revelations, consciousness expanding flowers, and a burgeoning friendship with Tom, the resident cook. When a fellow cult member starts to display increasingly bizarre behavior, Aurora begins to questionElyse’s sanity (and her own) and starts looking for a way out.

Years later, after the dissolution of the cult, Aurora has moved on with her life. She leads a quiet and seemingly normal life. But when Elyse resurfaces in a mysterious video, Aurora is forced to confront her past. Together with Tom, she pursues the ultimate truth about The Cosmic Dawn. Does Elyse really have access to another dimension? Or do her prophesies truly point to mass suicide amongst the surviving cult members?

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