Absorbient, Vol. 2 Germind

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Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Genre: Electronic

Subgenre: Electronica

Artist: Germind

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FLAC 44.1 $ 8.30
  • 1Synthetic Organism04:41
  • 2Supervoid05:25
  • 3Cosmic Balance06:48
  • 4Relative Truths06:40
  • 5Void Coordinates05:51
  • 6Galactic Berries06:48
  • 7Alien Island Secrets07:15
  • 8Forming a Future (Ambient Version)08:29
  • 9Unknown Sensations05:39
  • Total Runtime57:36

Info for Absorbient, Vol. 2

Germind is back with the second chapter of Absorbient. Deep space ambient offering a sonic voyage to unknown worlds. Enriched with analogue synth sounds and crafted with cosmic energy for cinematic sci fi moments.

“In a world of superficiality, Germind defies that notion. In 4 years, he has created over 25 albums and EP's and he is just getting started. Germind music speaks to the heart, mind and soul, and it is Tom's Music Place's intention to make sure every man, woman and child knows of his intense, erotic and powerful instrumental masterpieces. Put on a good pair of headphones, leave all your cares behind, and get into a deeper music, otherwise known as Germind music.” (Thomas Carley, Owner/Creator of Tom's Music Place)

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