Zephyr toechter

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Label: edition edition

Genre: Electronic

Subgenre: Ambient

Artist: toechter

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FLAC 48 $ 13.20
  • 1Wish01:58
  • 2Charms05:15
  • 3Tectonics05:11
  • 4White Flower's Point01:39
  • 5Zephyr02:03
  • 6Bliss03:08
  • 7Verbal Errors04:05
  • 8Pendulum03:49
  • 9Fall02:43
  • 10Rêve03:15
  • 11Light Through Leaves00:28
  • 12Epilogue02:18
  • Total Runtime35:52

Info for Zephyr

"Daughters are all three of us," says Marie-Claire Schlameus, cellist and part of the experimental band toechter. She founded toechter together with Lisa Marie Vogel and Katrine Grarup Elbo. The three musicians are united by their roots in the classical music tradition. However, they have made it their task to show and explore anew the diverse facets of their string instruments violin, viola and violoncello. Their collective desire is to create a dialogue that focuses on the encounter of acoustic and electronic sounds. Born out of this is their debut album Zephyr - which captures the band's diversity and synergy in twelve distinctive electronic-acoustic tracks.

The album sounds very electronic and yet every sound on this string record has its origins in acoustic instruments. toechter have been sampling their instruments themselves for years. To make drum beats, they devote themselves to percussive elements that their instruments give off. Alongside the sometimes melancholic, sometimes tender and elegiac melodies, they create a world of electronica, making bass drums by wiping, clapping and tapping on the body of their instruments.

Layered textures, looped voices and white noise are applied like splashes of coloured ink on an abstract painting. Every sound feels full-bodied and warm, thanks in part to the outstanding acoustics of Hall 3 at Funkhaus Berlin, where choirs and string arrangements on the album were recorded.

The post-production of the album took place in the Berlin studio of electronic music veteran Apparat with producer and cellist Philipp Johann Thimm.

Katrine Grarup Elbo
Marie-Claire Schlameus
Lisa Marie Vogel

is a band researching the use of string instruments in sound design. Using their classical training as a starting point, they explore the percussive and lyrical range of the acoustic instruments, drawing on sound effects created through pedals and vocal textures. toechter creates electronic beats and soundscapes by manipulating acoustic string instrument sounds (violin, viola, violoncello). Together they create their own language by mixing genres and unusual string samples to create a human and touching electronic sound world.

This album contains no booklet.

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