The Wandering Earth (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Roc Chen

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Label: Milan Records

Genre: Soundtrack

Subgenre: Film

Artist: Roc Chen

Composer: Roc Chen

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  • 1The Wandering Earth Main Theme01:16
  • 2The Disaster and Project Wandering Earth04:19
  • 3Shanghai Ice Wall01:42
  • 4Trembling Heart03:05
  • 5Grandpa is Home01:40
  • 6A Wish during Spacewalk03:42
  • 7Counting Down00:44
  • 8Last Days on Earth02:50
  • 9Farewell under the Stars04:17
  • 10Goodbye Jupiter, Earth Reborn01:52
  • 11New Journey06:58
  • 12Get in Trouble00:38
  • 13Runaway during Chinese New Year Festival00:46
  • 14The Frozen Beijing City04:26
  • 15The Earth Engine00:46
  • 1617 Years Later01:50
  • 17Last Day of Work01:41
  • 18Earth out of Control03:42
  • 19Earth Beyond Reach00:44
  • 20Interception of No.373 Truck01:49
  • 21The Frozen Shanghai01:43
  • 22Trapped in Cell01:04
  • 23Run in the Canyon of Ice01:40
  • 24Lighter Core00:09
  • 25Signal Flare00:49
  • 26Shanghai Tower03:28
  • 27Duoduo's Story01:38
  • 28Preparing to Go Outside the Space Station03:45
  • 29Grandpa's Driver License01:22
  • 30Reunion01:56
  • 31Inverstigate Moss00:25
  • 32Jupiter ahead in the Sky01:38
  • 33Looking at Stars00:40
  • 34A New Hope02:04
  • 35Briefing the Operation03:26
  • 36Sulawesi Command Center08:39
  • 37Duoduo and Liu Peiqiang ask for support for Sulawesi02:20
  • 38Duoduo on the Radio01:14
  • 39Power is Connected01:05
  • 40Ignite!03:28
  • 41Rise of the Flame00:46
  • 42It's Unreasonable to Expect Humans to Stay Reasonable01:03
  • 43Live On, This is an Order03:10
  • Total Runtime01:36:19

Info for The Wandering Earth (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Wandering Earth, directed by Frant Guo, music by Roc Chen, starring Wu Jing, is a Sci-Fi feature film based on the novel by Hugo award winner Liu Cixin. Roc Chen conducted and recorded the score with Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in the historic Abbey Road Studios.

Roc brings strong emotion along with cutting-edge electronic music element into the soundtrack, receiving innumerous acclaims since the film's release.

Roc Chen
is one of the biggest names in China's film, television and video game industries. He's scored over 200 projects both within and beyond China's borders,proving that one can write film score in both western and eastern way. He has worked with all major film studios of China.

Roc’s passion for composition began at age 4 when he started taking lessons at a local conservatory of music. Throughout his career, he has made many trips abroad to learn from some of the best in the industry, including orchestrator Scott Smalley (Batman) and Oscar award-winning composer Hans Zimmer (Gladiator,Inception,etc.).Barry Morrow (screenwriter of Rainman) also speaks highly of Roc’s music for US-China coproduction film Forbidden Kiss,which is nominated for Best Original Score at New York City International Film Festival.

Top director, composer and multi-times HongKong film awards Best Music winner Frankie Chan chose Roc to be the composer for his blockbuster film Legendary Amazons (produced by Jackie Chan).

Jackie Chan speaks highly of Roc’s music for his blockbuster film Chinese Zodiac at the film’s premiere. Roc has also worked with several orchestras around the global and has access to session players who specialize in both Western and Eastern instruments.Roc is also one of the most popular composers among Chinese audience,his soundtrack album for A Bite of China has reached top seller at Amazon China in film music catalogue.

Roc’s successes in China has brought him attentions from Hollywood studios such as Dreamworks which hired him as Chinese Music Consultant for Kung Fu Panda 3,he also joins the music production process with Dreamworks music team.

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