Stop for a While Low-Fly Quintet

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Label: Losen Records

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Vocal

Artist: Low-Fly Quintet

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FLAC 48 $ 8.90
  • 1Thank You04:08
  • 2Black and Blue05:51
  • 3But Beautiful04:19
  • 4A Sweeter Dream02:49
  • 5Stop for a While03:12
  • 6As I Love You03:23
  • 7After You´ve Gone03:44
  • 8I Want to Be Evil03:13
  • 9Black Coffee04:30
  • 10Madness02:56
  • Total Runtime38:05

Info for Stop for a While

Low-Fly Quintet will release their first album on the renowned Norwegian jazz label Losen Records in October 2017. Their performance on the debut album ”Stop For A While” will give you a sense of being present in a smoky, underground, jazz club in New York.

LFQ composes Vivacious, Sexy, Elegant, Raw, & Genuine original songs inspired by vocal jazz from the early 30’s. They also impart their innovative interpretation of select familiar songs from the same era. Their modern approach to the classical sound of traditional vocal jazz will surprise and move you. Low-Fly Quintet transports you back in time to the music that incited emotionalism. The theme of this debut album is both raw everyday realism, and colourful daydream-like life. Some songs feature tender, embracing love that relieves tension, while other songs are about more complex and sometimes even dark aspects of life that leave the listener in a state of reflection. LFQ’s artistry will take you on a journey where you’ll experience a musical interlude that will be charming, fun, sensual, energetic and unique.

Camilla Tømta, vocals
Siri Snortheim, cello
Uri Sala, double bass
Ole Gjøstøl, piano
Skjalg Lidsheim, drums, percussion

Camilla Tømta
has established her musical reputation as a Songwriter and Vocal Artist with her release of two pop albums with songs she wrote, arranged, and performed the lead vocals on. Jazz, however has always been the genre of her passion. As the Founder and Leader of Low-Fly Quintet, she has developed a distinctive expression where references to her Norwegian & African American heritage and experiences in gospel, blues and pop are prominent.

Siri Snortheim
is a native Norwegian and an actively involved musician in high performance classical orchestras. She has studied under prominent alternative cellists’ and her precision and expertise and creativity has promoted her to opportunities that expand into more rhythmic and modern genres, including jazz.

Uri Sala
is a bassist and composer from Spain. He has studied improvisation and composition at Berklee College of Music, as well as, both Western and Indian music theory, at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. After several years as a performer / composer in jazz, contemporary music and live electronics in Spain, USA, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany, he settled in Norway in 2012.

Ole Gjøstøl
graduated at one of Norway’s most prestigious musical colleges as a classical pianist. He has a mixed musical background where especially gospel music played a big part. Since his teens he has performed as a pianist in theater productions and as a dinner-musician. Now he’s a widely used accompanist for local choirs, ensembles and solo artists. He is still found in different theater orchestras - as a keyboardist, rehearser or Kapellmeister.

Skjalg Lidsheim
brings over twenty-five years of musical talent as a versatile drummer who manages multiple genres. He participates in various band projects and is a valued session musician in the recording studio and in theater productions

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