Once Upon a Time Cryptex

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Label: Steamhammer

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Modern Rock

Artist: Cryptex

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  • 1Once Upon a Time04:04
  • 2Because the Reason is You03:29
  • 3Bloodmoon05:04
  • 4Body Language04:10
  • 5Two Horned Crown03:22
  • 6Haunted04:09
  • 7Reptiles05:43
  • 8I Don't Know Why03:36
  • 9The Promise Keeper03:08
  • 10I See It in Your Eyes03:06
  • 11A Mo(u)rning01:28
  • 12Leaving02:24
  • 13Closer (Bonus Track)05:10
  • Total Runtime48:53

Info for Once Upon a Time

Once Upon A Time shows CRYPTEX in such a uniform way and at the same time with a diversity and enthusiasm as rarely heard before. It’s obvious what caused this creative explosion: Along with Simon Moskon, guitarist André Jean Henri Mertens joins in as one of the leading song writers. Add bassist and co-lyricist Marc Andrejkovits (and drummer Simon Schröder, who drummed his way through their new record) into the mix and you end up with a group of like-minded people who do not only share their taste in music but also a burning need on voicing similar topics.

It is this well-balanced mixture of strong hooks, catchy melodies and a plethora of artful facets that have kept CRYPTEX so unusual and unique since their formation in 2008. “During our debut we were wild, impetuous and reckless, full of euphoria. Our second album sounded bulkier, a bit constipated and withdrawn”, their founder, vocalist and keyboardist Simon Moskon reminisces, looking back on a history of over 250 concerts in 23 European countries and supporting tours for bands like Pain Of Salvation, Threshold or Alice Cooper, not to mention their US shows and their own headliner tours. “Once Upon A Time builds on our first album but with a lot more experience under our belts - as human beings but also as musicians and composers. You can hear that the new songs are created in a much more organic and liberal way, made of an endless number of colourful dots. That’s what makes this record so exciting.”

Simon Moskon, lead vocals, keyboards
Marc Andrejkovits, bass, backing vocals
Andre Jean Henri Mertens, guitars, backing vocals
Simon Schröder, drums

A sound that is smiling, swearing and living, lots of surrealism, amazing songs and charisma.

Apart from ambition and confidence, both important characteristics for a band, CRYPTEX stands out due to another characteristic:

They are four musicians who have searched and found their own distinctive style!

In their songs they experiment with an extensive “chemistry set” of music. The result is an impressive and highly explosive mixture of rock, alternative with slight folk attitude and prog-art of the old kind.

Thanks to these qualities, CRYPTEX has attracted the attention on the republic’s stages and of established music magazines since the beginning of 2009.

The four musicians look back at a long list of concerts and successes which brought them an increasing number of fans and an enormous media presence all over Germany and large parts of Europe.

After 200 shows in Europe, touring with big Prog/Metal-Acts like Threshold and Pain Of Salvation, a big arena show with Horror-Rock-Legend Alice Cooper, the enthusiasticly commended release of their debut album in 2011 as well as their first Live-DVD in 2012, this extraordinary formation with frontman Simon Moskon at its head evolved into a real insiders‘ tip, being a great entertainment value in Europe’s live sector.

Since the founding in 2008, the band constantly evolved and grew to a quartet in Summer 2014: Simon Moskon (Lead-Vocals, Piano/Keys, Bass), André Jean Henri Mertens (Lead & Rythm-Guitar, Background Vocals), Marc Andrejkovits (Bass, Rythm-Guitar, Background Vocals) and Simon Schröder (Drums, Cajón, Background Vocals). With this fresh Line-Up the Band is more versatile and musically stronger than ever before.

With their music that’s „consistently caught between all stools from conviction“, CRYPTEX provide the perfect refuge for romantics, dreamers, hopeless melancholiacs, partyholics, newly enamoured ones, furious ones, mourners, misfits, rebels, together with seemingly unremarkable „nine to five jobbers“ to take part in an impressing journey across brute and raging compositions right up to balladic and also poppy songs.

The new, highly anticipated Record “Madeleine Effect“ will be released europe wide on 24th of April 2015. The record will mark a new milestone in Cryptex´career, as it is the bands most ambitious statement so far.

„Extract the beauty and pureness of pain, realize the anarchy of transience and you ́ll comprehend „Madeleine Effect!“ – Simon Moskon“

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