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  • 1Markuspassion: I. Jesus Christus ist um unser Missetat willen01:51
  • 2Markuspassion: II. Und da sie den Lobgesang gesprochen02:47
  • 3Markuspassion: III. Will dich die Angst betreten02:02
  • 4Markuspassion: IV. Und nahm zu sich Petrus und Jakobus01:53
  • 5Markuspassion: V. Was mein Gott will01:23
  • 6Markuspassion: VI. Und kam und fand sie schlafend - Und alsbald, da er noch redet03:19
  • 7Markuspassion: VII. Wenn nun der Leib wird sterben müssen03:33
  • 8Markuspassion: VIII. Die aber legten ihre Hände an ihn - Und die Jünger verliessen ihn alle und flohen08:14
  • 9Markuspassion: IX. Wein, ach, wein jetzt um die Wette04:19
  • 10Markuspassion: X. Sinfonia00:44
  • 11Markuspassion: XI. Und bald am Morgen01:06
  • 12Markuspassion: XII. Klaget nur, ihr Kläger hier01:52
  • 13Markuspassion: XIII. Jesus aber antwortete nichts mehr - Kreuzige ihn - Pilatus aber sprach zu ihnen - Kreuzige ihn02:10
  • 14Markuspassion: XIV. O hilf, Christe, Gottes Sohn00:49
  • 15Markuspassion: XV. Sinfonia00:51
  • 16Markuspassion: XVI. Pilatus aber gedachte - Gegrüsset seist du, der Juden König - Und schlugen ihm das Haupt02:51
  • 17Markuspassion: XVII. O süßes Kreuz, o Baum des Lebens (aria basse) 2‘0402:03
  • 18Markuspassion: XVIII. Und sie brachten ihn an die Stätte Golgatha (évangéliste) 0‘3400:34
  • 19Markuspassion: XIX. O Golgatha! Platz herber Schmerzen (aria soprano) 4‘5904:59
  • 20Markuspassion: XX. Und da sie ihn gekreuzigt hatten (évangéliste) 0‘4300:43
  • 21Markuspassion: XXI. Was seh’ ich hier (aria alto) 1‘3601:36
  • 22Markuspassion: XXII. Und es war oben über ihm geschrieben - Pfui dich, wie fein zerbrichst du den Tempel06:36
  • 23Markuspassion: XXIII. Wenn ich einmal soll scheiden02:32
  • 24Markuspassion: XXIV. Seht, Menschenkinder - Der Fürst der Welt erbleicht05:07
  • 25Markuspassion: XXV. Sinfonia01:40
  • 26Markuspassion: XXVI. Und der Vorhang im Tempel zerriss02:32
  • 27Markuspassion: XXVII. Dein Jesus hat das Haupt geneiget02:21
  • 28Markuspassion: XXVIII. Und er kaufte ein Leinwand00:55
  • 29Markuspassion: XXIX. O Traurigkeit, o Herzeleid - O selig ist zu dieser Frist - O Jesu du, mein Hilf und Ruh - Amen04:59
  • Total Runtime01:16:21

Info for Keiser: Markuspassion

Recent musicological research tends to suggest that the 'Markuspassion' is not the work of Reinhard Keiser, essentially for stylistic reasons. However, it has not yet proved possible to attribute it positively to any other contemporary composer, such as Nicolaus Bruhns, or to Gottfried Keiser, Reinhard’s father, and so its paternity is currently uncertain.

The St. Mark Passion, which probably originated in the first decade of the 18th century, occupies a prominent place in Bach’s music library as the only music for Passion by another composer/s which he performed several times. For the young Bach in Weimar this St. Mark Passion was a didactic piece for learning the art of the modern narrative recitative: as the Leipzig Thomaskantor he also performed it in 1726. The present recording uses Hans Bergmann’s edition, published by Carus-Verlag, which is based in essence on the version performed in Weimar in 1713. Although no one is absolutely sure of the forces employed on that occasion (which must have been, at the minimum, four singers, four strings, and a harpsichord), Mirare have decided to assign the four voices of the chorus to three singers per part, with the soloists also taking part in the chorus, except for Jesus and the Evangelist. The two violins and two violas are joined by a continuo group consisting of organ, harpsichord, cello, violone, theorbo, and bassoon.

This project arose from the affinities of Joël Suhubiette and Amandine Beyer with this repertory, but it is also an expression of friendship between two ensembles, Jacques Moderne and Gli Incogniti, which came together to recreate this very special work.

Jan Kobow, tenor (Evangelist)
Thomas E. Bauer, bass (Jesus)
Ensemble Jacques Moderne
Gli Incogniti
Joël Suhubiette, conductor

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