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  • 1Summertime (Remastered)04:55
  • 2Cantina Band (Remastered)02:54
  • 3Final Countdown (Remastered)02:56
  • 4Walk On the Wild Side (Remastered)03:52
  • 5Born to Be Wild02:43
  • 6Drowsy Maggie (Remastered)02:46
  • 7Highway to Hell (Remastered)03:21
  • 8Das Modell (Remastered)03:36
  • 9Rock Me Amadeus (Remastered)05:15
  • 10Mensch (Remastered)05:41
  • 11Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (Remastered)02:17
  • 12Pippi Langstrumpf (Remastered)02:29
  • 13Saltarello02:43
  • 14Wild für 402:26
  • 15Vor der Hütte (Remastered)03:35
  • 16Flip (Remastered)02:52
  • 17Hin (Remastered)03:06
  • 18Weg (Remastered)03:12
  • 19Feuerwasser (Remastered)03:43
  • 20Moretti Swing (Remastered)04:21
  • 21Dear Moll (Remastered)07:41
  • 22Holzhammer (Remastered)04:33
  • 23Brille (Remastered)05:46
  • 24Jannis (Remastered)04:21
  • 25In der Holzklasse (Remastered)05:22
  • Total Runtime01:36:26

Info for 25 Jahre auf dem Holzweg

Freedom for the recorder: In 1998, three friends from Recklinghausen embarked on a musical journey that is still going strong today. Under the motto "Freedom for the recorder", they are on the road with their unusual line-up of recorder, guitar and double bass to bring their kind of wooden music to the people. They move between rock and jazz, ballads and children's songs and create their very own rousing wooden sound.

Over the years, the range of instruments has also expanded. Up to 15 recorders are used in the concerts. Guitar and double bass are now joined by mandolin, jazz guitar and sometimes even the singing saw.

Let yourself be carried away by brilliantly interlocking guitar and double bass lines, an amazing change of tempo and mood and masterful improvisations.

Wildes Holz

Please Note: We offer this album in its native sampling rate of 48 kHz, 24-bit. The provided 96 kHz version was up-sampled and offers no audible value!

Wildes Holz
The story goes that the Wildes Holz story began in a hotel room in Hungary, where the three had gone to play concerts with their music school. Anto and Markus played in two swing and Latin ensembles, Tobias helped out as a saxophonist. Hardly anyone knew that he also played the recorder masterfully. One evening, he mustered up all his courage and asked the two if they would like to play a few jazz pieces with him. To be honest, they didn't expect that much from a recorder and said, "Sure!"

What went down then was a session that is still going strong today. From dark cellar vaults to well-known stages, from the far north to the deepest south: everywhere they provide stunned and ultimately enthusiastic listeners, and all because one thing still gives them the most pleasure: being Wildes Holz themselves.

Wildes Holz went through a deep valley when their guitarist and friend Anto Karaula passed away quite suddenly in mid-2018. The band took a break for half a year and came back in 2019 with Djamel Laroussi, who comes from Algeria, on guitar. Anto and Markus met him back in the mid-90s. He made them completely perplexed because, as a left-hander, he simply played an upside-down right-handed guitar. You couldn't recognise any of the fingerings, everything sounded a bit different, and everything sounded incredibly cool! Over the years, he became a good friend - and a world-renowned guitarist on the side. For Wildes Holz he was a stroke of luck, because in addition to his unusual but excellent technique, he also had a good portion of passion, which inspired Tobias and Markus to new heights and brought them back the joy of making music together. They will be eternally grateful to him for this.

Djamel now wants to devote more time to his projects in his home country Algeria. However, he will not say goodbye to his friends completely, but will certainly play as a guest at Wildes Holz concerts from time to time. Johannes Behr has been part of the party since 2021. Or rather, the party. Johannes is originally a jazz guitarist, but is also at home in all kinds of other musical styles and thus enriches the band's love of experimentation. The "passing of the baton" concert with the two guitarists Djamel and Johannes in spring 2021 was an absolute highlight and you can still watch it here.

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