Four September Suns (Remastered Collection) Tino Izzo

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Label: Tab Records

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Modern Rock

Artist: Tino Izzo

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FLAC 44.1 $ 10.00
  • 1Nostalgia Trails04:12
  • 2A Hero's Good-Bye05:59
  • 3Worlds Away06:23
  • 4A New Order05:42
  • 5Four September Suns05:10
  • 6The Rage05:20
  • 7The Field of Blue Children07:32
  • 8No Sign of Yesterday03:47
  • 9Open City05:24
  • 10Beyond Those Walls07:28
  • Total Runtime56:57

Info for Four September Suns (Remastered Collection)

Guitarist extraordinaire Tino Izzo (a.k.a. One) has created a modern guitar lover's dream disc. Armed with 11 different guitars, bass, keyboards and percussion, the sounds on this album transcend description, but hey - this guy is a world class guitar genius and composer.

"Four September Suns is a showcase for composer/performer Tino Izzo's many and varied guitar sounds and moods... Every cut on this album will capture your imagination with Tino's versatile guitar playing that is both energetic and soothing" (Leading Edge Review)

"Guitarist extraordinaire Tino Izzo a/k/a One returns with a stunning follow up to his brilliant debut, Blue Desires. Tino has created a modern guitar lover's dream disc and as such will appeal to fans of Mike Oldfield's New age tendencies. Armed with 12 guitars, mandolin, bass, keyboards and percussion, the sounds on four September Suns transcend description.The lush reverb-laced backdrop blends perfectly with the unforgettable melodies offered here" (Time And A Word)

"Well, this is a masterpiece of the guitar and this Canadian guy is not only a brilliant guitarist, but also a very inspired composer. There are three or four songs into this record that can get as better as any other you've ever heard from any other guitarist. 'Worlds Away' is an incredible in-crescendo tune that has a good adventurous feel, and the climax at the end is sublime. The strong-sounding guitars of 'A New Order', highly compressed and sharp sounding, are haunting, and the almost club dance feel of the rythm suits them so much. The most beautiful song is 'Rage', a very soft acoustic guitar melody with a lot of feeling, and a more upbeat, jazzy closing with stunning acoustic tapping. The technique in this man never eclipses the truthfulness of his compositions. A very sentimental closing is 'Beyond Those Walls', a very spiritual and idealistic end to the album."

Tino Izzo

Digitally remastered

Tino Izzo
Tino's love affair with music began at ten years old with his father, himself a guitarist, as mentor. Although in time he adopted many different instruments as his mistress, his affection always ran deepest for the guitar. Basically as a self taught musician, Tino was determined to become the fastest guitarist on this planet. Technique was all that mattered. Izzo explains… "But I re-evaluated my objectives when I started getting into pop music. One of the things that I liked about it was its rejection of the more 'Athletic' approach to music. So once I brought my technique up to a level that was acceptable to me, I began discarding the notion of technique as an end in itself. I went back to my blues and rock'n roll roots and rediscovered what I call the 'ONE NOTE'. In other words, it's not so much what you play as how you play it. I now wanted the guitar to serve the melody, not the other way around."

This album contains no booklet.

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