Containment Blues Anthony Gomes

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Label: Up 2 Zero

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Blues Rock

Artist: Anthony Gomes

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FLAC 48 $ 12.00
  • 1Make a Good Man (Wanna Be Bad)03:12
  • 2Hell and Half of Georgia03:11
  • 3This Broken Heart of Mine03:14
  • 4Praying for Rain03:25
  • 5No Kinda Love03:40
  • 6Let Love Take Care of Love03:48
  • 7Stop Calling Women Hoes and Bitches03:24
  • 8Until the End of Time04:11
  • 9Tell Somebody03:06
  • 10The Greatest 4 Letter Word03:01
  • 11Containment Blues02:53
  • Total Runtime37:05

Info for Containment Blues

“We are living in stressful times and music is the best way to bring people together and give them some comfort,” says Gomes about the album. “It was wild to record with just one mic and no overdubs. I had to move the guitar closer to the mic in certain points and back it off in others. The same with my vocals. I definitely have a new appreciation for the pioneers of the recording age.”

"Containment Blues (surely a title which will strike a chord with many) also sports one of the best album covers of the year. It is a striking piece of art, and a fitting tribute to Gomes’ quest to unite the old and the new, to keep the blues relevant and fresh whilst nurturing its heart. This latest album from Gomes adds much to his already impressive legacy, which includes the Music Is The Medicine Foundation, which Gomes founded in 2010 “to positively impact the lives of others through the healing power of music.” With that much passion, dedication and positive spirit, it is no surprise that Containment Blues is a record well worth picking up." (Chris Wheatley,

Anthony Gomes, guitar, vocals
Jacob Mreen, bass, backing vocals
Chris Whited, drums, backing vocals
Bobby Stone Jr., drums, percussion
Gabriel Crespo, keyboards
Hector Ruano, harmonica
Paul Tooley, banjo, mandolin, fiddle
Margarita Chernova, violin
Carolina Teruel, cello

Produced by Peter Carson & Anthony Gomes

Anthony Gomes
#1 Billboard Blues Artist, is a triple threat force as a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. This, along with his high-energy shows and dynamic stage presence, make him one of the top draws on the Rock/Blues circuit today.

Gomes’ new record Peace, Love & Loud Guitars, named Best Blues Album of 2018 by Blues Rock Review and SoundGuardian Magazine, is the culmination of a life spent honoring Blues traditions while never losing sight of his own identity.

The Toronto born guitar slinger stands his ground as a creative artist and is eager to push the Blues back into the mainstream.

“My goal is to keep the Blues fresh, exciting and even dangerous,” says Gomes. “I want to bring back the thrill longtime Bluesmen created in their day. At the same time, I think it’s very important for the music to grow and evolve.”

He has performed with the likes of B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Robert Plant, Heart, Sammy Hagar, Joe Bonamassa, .38 Special, Jonny Lang, Robert Cray and Kenny Wayne Shepherd.

Gomes recalled a conversation he had years ago with one of those legends. “B.B. King told me the Blues are like the laws of the land. They need to be amended to the times we live in,” Gomes said. “As an artist, it’s very exciting to think that the Blues can be just as ground-breaking today as it ever was.”

Believing that music can inspire the human spirit, Anthony founded the Music Is the Medicine Foundation in 2010. This non-profit organization is dedicated to changing the lives of others through the healing power of music.

Anthony Gomes has nothing left to prove while leaving all his passion on the table. Nonetheless, he continues striving to not only find the legendary “lost chord,” but the ultimate combinations of words, notes and performance. Looking for an actual 21st Century guitar hero? Here he is.

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