Dedication Beady Belle

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Label: Jazzland Recordings

Genre: R&B

Subgenre: Soul

Artist: Beady Belle

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  • 1Mercy03:55
  • 2Out of Orbit04:30
  • 3I Run You Ragged03:33
  • 4Traces_05:38
  • 5Hold Your Breath03:47
  • 6Dedication03:09
  • 7Mooring Line05:21
  • 8Waste of Grace02:59
  • 9My Religion05:07
  • 10Last Drop of Blood05:37
  • 11Can You Smile_03:57
  • Total Runtime47:33

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With "Dedication", Beady Belle has drawn together all the threads of inspiration at the core of who she is and has woven a brand new tapestry that is vibrant, organic, energetic, cool, emotional, intimate, and unequivocally funky. Soul and R&B have always been close to Beady Belle's heart, and with "Dedication", she is fully immersed in these twin worlds. "I associate this music with the 70's," she says. "It's recorded live with old, original instruments. Raw and unpolished. With the groove as an unstoppable engine. It's a tribute to my great heroes - Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway and Aretha Franklin, while there are whispers of younger Soul artists like Alicia Keys, Raphael Saadiq, Lauryn Hill and Frank Ocean."

The title, "Dedication", refers to the most important thing in life - at any given time - as you go through hell and high water to achieve it. It is the battle that requires full dedication to win. But winning is never guaranteed ... The prize can be a breath of happiness, a sigh of relief, a roaring victory or a restful calm. The road ahead often seems darker than it really is as the goal ahead shines so brightly. But if an honest path is found, and one is true to oneself, that shining objective may not be so far away after all. The roads to Rome are many ...

"Dedication" is in many ways a continuation of the previous album, "On my own" (2016). The organic live feeling there has been developed further here, but now with a clear step closer to Soul and with the driving rhythm and groove solidly placed centre-stage. Beady Belle writes - and has always written - pop music. She conjures catchy and intuitive melodies, while at the same time adds deliberate - and sometimes intricate ? themes and musical depth. But the dress of her music has varied and developed in accordance with the fluctuations that have affected her life along the way.

The lyrical themes are also carried forward from the previous release, where all the songs were about "otherness," about being different, standing on the outside and not knowing how to get in. About not fitting in where you are supposed to feel at home.

Beady Belle also began a process of introspection and self-examination after a close family member's health drastically changed. Discovering new challenges in the fresh perspective on life this brought, it became therapeutic to convey her experiences and thoughts in her lyrics and music, and in turn, the songs could perhaps give others courage and comfort.

Beady Belle's music has moved from a rather clubby Neo soul to Electronics Inspiration, through Nashville-inspired Country and Jazz. But her love for Soul and R & B has coloured all the songs. "Honesty is the key in all the words and music I've written. On all my records, I'm searching for a core that is close to my heart, but this changes as life goes and I change. What was me before may not be me anymore. Therefore, my music has always changed character from release to release - but always with a clear signature from my heart. There is always something open, revealing in it."

Beady Belle often writes songs with surprising juxtapositions of lyric and melody: the lyrics and melody often seems to be from opposite moods. Jamie Cullum once said, "Your song is a real mindfuck". It occurs when, for example, you are drawn to your feet to dance and sing along to a joyful tune that lyrically is about something downbeat and serious. Should you cry or laugh? Beady Belle finds great inspiration and power in this dichotomy. "Contrasts and duality are the stuff of life," she says, "I rarely feel that something is purely either joyous or sad. And smiling through tears is an expression of the strongest emotions. I want to write music and words that convey this."

Beady Belle, vocals
David Wallumrød, synthesizers, Fender Rhodes, Clavinet, Hammond organ, grand piano, electric guitar, auto harp, glockenspiel
Bjørn Charles Dreyer, sitar
Marius Reksjø, bass
Bjørn Sæther, drums, shaker, tambourine
Martin Windstad, percussion
LaDonna Harley-Peters Sharlene Hector, backing vocals
Vula Malinga - LaSharVu, backing vocals

Beady Belle
is one of the freshest new sounds to come out of the left-of-field music underground of Norway. A collaboration between singer Beate Lech and bassist Marius Reksjo, Beady Belle's debut album *Home* is a sensuous mosaic of sound that draws on the vast libraries of jazz, pop, techno, drums n' bass and ambient to reveal the essence of Beate's stunning live performances yet manages to combine it with the deliberate strategies of her creative musicianship.

In 1999 Beate was asked by Bugge Wesseltoft to make a record for Jazzland rec. The company gave her the artistic freedom to make the recording she wanted. As the project progressed, Marius began to help out. He took care of the groove elements while Beate composed the melodies, harmonies and lyrics, with some exceptions both ways. The product of this work, done in their private surroundings, would be entitled 'Home'. The original project title 'Beate S. Lech' was abandoned. 'Beady Belle' was formed and the duo worked concretely for one and a half years producing their new record.

'Home' was released all over Europe and also in Japan, Korea and Canada during the summer 2001. Later it was also released in Australia. Beady Belle was given 'European Priority' by Universal International. After the release of the 'Home' album, Beady Belle travelled around the world performing their music.

The work with cd number 2 started the spring 2002 and was named 'CEWBEAGAPPIC' – the title was an attempt at describing Beady Belle’s music (Complex + Easy, White + Black, Electronic + Acoustic, Groovy + Ambient, Played + Programmed, Improvised + Composed).

Beady Belle’s third album, 'Closer', was released in 2005. Beate and Marius set off to fine-tune their creative output. Beate says, "We've tried to make an album that’s closer to the listener, for the most part taking away embellishments and emphasizing the essence of the music. The strings don’t have the purpose of being lushly arranged harmonies, but serve to bring the musical theme into the foreground. Even the sound of the strings are sharper, clearer. And one can hear the breath of the musicians."

In the three years since the 'Closer' release, the members of the band went through a number of changes. Perhaps the most personal being Beate becoming a mother, which influenced the direction of the newest album. Another big change was the addition of new band member, drummer Erik Holm.

Beady Belle have enjoyed the support and encouragement of some big international artists. In 2005 they performed as Jamie Cullum’s supporting act on a tour, and in 2006 they collaborated with India Arie on the funky duet 'Self-fulfilling' to be found on Beady Belle’s fourth album 'Belvedere'. The first single from that album was 'Intermission music' featuring Jamie Cullum.

After the release of this album, the band has toured many places in Europe and America, but the new thing is that thay also played all over Norway! Finally Beady Belle got a big Norwegian audience as well.

Beady Belle’s fifth album 'At Welding Bridge' was released September 2010. This album is a synthesis - or a welding - between the first three albums - on the one hand - and the fourth album - on the other. The majority of 'At Welding Bridge' takes many of the musical conventions of country music, sets up expectation of the predictable country course, only to jump sideways into a purely urban cool jazz style, or have that vibe dissipate in a smoky haze of smooth soul cool.

Beady Belle’s approach has been one of steadfast commitment to their sound, gradually evolving, coaxing new elements to blossom that had previously only been hinted at, augmenting it with new elements, creating a consistently strong body of music, each step more confident than the last. To compare this album with 'Home', it is easy to hear just how much ground they have covered in just 9 years. Just like its predecessors, 'At Welding Bridge' is shot through with genuine warmth, heart, and - yes! - soul. Pure soul! (Source:

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