Anette Askvik

Biography Anette Askvik

Anette Askvik
is a Norwegian artist, composer and producer with a unique ability to grab people at their core. The music is powerful and hypnotic, and it doesn’t leave you indifferent.

Growing up in Stavanger, Anette early found inspiration in the ocean and nature surrounding her. The nature is like people. There is a lot of energy running through us all the time. The breeze that builds up to a storm, the light and the eternal darkness. It is alluring, beautiful and frightening. Yet there is so much to learn about all that we have in us.

On her debut album, Liberty, Anette worked with producer and pianist Øystein Sevåg, as well as renowned musicians like Audun Erlien, Rune Arnesen and Petter Wettre. Liberty has frequently been used to demonstrate good sound on hi-fi equipment all over Europe and USA.

On her second album Multiverse, Anette found inspiration in sounds from stars, moons and planets. These are recordings done by NASA, and can be heard in her songs.

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