Real People (Remastered) Chic

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Label: Warner Music Group

Genre: R&B

Subgenre: Funk

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  • 1Open Up03:54
  • 2Real People05:25
  • 3I Loved You More03:10
  • 4I Got Protection06:28
  • 5Rebels Are We04:56
  • 6Chip Off The Old Block05:01
  • 72604:02
  • 8You Can't Do It Alone04:41
  • Total Runtime37:37

Info zu Real People (Remastered)

In the early '80s, Chic's influence on other artists was hard to miss. Change, Fantasy, Luther Vandross, the Talking Heads, Grace Jones and Queen were among the many artists who were incorporating elements of the Chic sound. It was ironic and quite amusing to hear some members of the 'Death to Disco!' brigade blaring Queen's 'Another One Bites the Dust' on their car stereos during the summer of 1980, for that funk-rock ditty was obviously based on 'Good Times.' But Chic itself was seeing its popularity start to fade, and fans were realizing that the group had reached its creative peak in the late '70s.

Like other albums that Chic recorded in the early '80s, Real People is competent but less than essential. Diehard fans will find that while 'Rebels Are We,' 'I Got Protection' and 'Chip off the Old Block' are likable and catchy, they aren't in a class with 'Good Times' or 'Le Freak.' This is a decent album, but it's also the work of a group that was past its prime.“ (Alex Henderson)

'...Seventies disco gearing up for a future that never came, all sleek production and dapper beats...' (Rolling Stone)

Nile Rodgers, guitar
Bernard Edwards, vocals, keyboards
Fonzi Thornton, vocals
Luci Martin, vocals
Alfa Anderson Barfield, vocals
Alfa Anderson, vocals
Michelle Cobbs, vocals
Cheryl Hong, strings
Valerie Heywood, strings
Karen Milne, strings
Andrew Barrett, keyboards
Raymond Jones, keyboards
Robert Sabino, keyboards
Tony Thompson, drums

Recorded at Power Station Studio, New York, N.Y.
Mastered at Atlantic Studio, New York, N.Y.
Engineered by Bill Scheniman and Bob Clearmountain

Digitally remastered

Ranked #20 in Rolling Stone's '50 Coolest Records“.

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