Reeded Edge, Vol. 2 Gabriele Pribetti

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  • 1Rain Project05:15
  • 2Duende05:06
  • 3Swimming Pool03:52
  • 4Vaporizing Horror06:13
  • 5In or Out05:46
  • Total Runtime26:12

Info for Reeded Edge, Vol. 2

Italian born, London-based saxophonist and composer Gabriele Pribetti is returning with his sophomore solo project, REEDED EDGE VOL.2.

"Rain Project" eerily opens with the solo saxophone of Gabriele, setting the scene of the piece. The group then jumps in with an unsettled melody line between the horns paired with a creeping synth, an oscillating bass line, and a hi-hat heavy drum pattern, before the traditional band structure is uprooted when Joshua ‘McKnasty’ McKenzie takes the lead.

Thinking about the piece, Gabriele tells us: “In 'Rain Project' I wanted to experiment with roles [within our group]. We’re used to having the drums as an instrument that keeps us more or less grounded, while the other instruments improvise and take the lead. In this tune, I wanted to do exactly the opposite. In one of the two sections, I leave the drums to take over and be the storyteller while the rest of the band are keeping a precise structure.”

On the eve of his second released, Gabriele reflects on the REEDED EDGE series, saying, “I see the music like a coin: the beauty and perfection of tonality on one side, with the chaos and roughness of atonality on the other. I like to exist on the reeded edge.”

Gabriele Pribetti, saxophones
Michele Montolli, double bass
Tomasz Bura, piano, keyboards, synthesizer
Joshua "Mcknasty" Mckenzie, drums
Graeme Flowers, trumpet, flugelhorn

Gabriele Pribetti
The young Triestine saxophonist, composer and producer Gabriele Pribetti debuts in London with his first album 'Reeded Edges vol.1'. Born in Trieste in 1991, he attended the Conservatorio Tartini before abandoning his studies and moving to the British capital at only 21 years of age. In this varied and fertile jazz scene, Gabriele had the opportunity to grow artistically in an environment rich in stimuli and opportunities, eventually establishing valuable collaborations including Stormzy, Wizkid, Tiana Major9, Jordan Rakei, Daymè Arocena and Zion Train.

The album was preceded by two singles, which have already been played by JazzFM-UK (the leading jazz radio station in the UK), which described them as very innovative. The singles entered spotify's prestigious 'state of jazz' playlist with over 60,000 streams in just a few days.

The album title refers to the knurled line between the two sides of a coin, which in this case represent tonal music on one side, and atonal music on the other. The challenge, for Pribetti, is to proceed like a tightrope walker on this line, without ever completely falling to one side or the other, proposing a sound and rhythm that cannot be categorised, elusive and at times disorienting, without ever lapsing into the banality of a preordained code. For the listener, an ups and downs of contrasting emotions and sounds in apparent contradiction, which on careful listening recompose themselves in an unusual harmony. ...

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