Long Lost Lord Huron

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Label: Republic Records

Genre: Alternative

Subgenre: Indie Rock

Artist: Lord Huron

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  • 1The Moon Doesn’t Mind01:11
  • 2Mine Forever04:48
  • 3(One Helluva Performer)00:22
  • 4Love Me Like You Used To03:41
  • 5Meet Me in the City03:55
  • 6(Sing For Us Tonight)00:05
  • 7Long Lost04:45
  • 8Twenty Long Years04:51
  • 9Drops in the Lake04:01
  • 10Where Did the Time Go01:33
  • 11Not Dead Yet02:57
  • 12(Deep Down Inside Ya)00:24
  • 13I Lied03:54
  • 14At Sea01:35
  • 15What Do It Mean05:53
  • 16Time's Blur14:18
  • Total Runtime58:13

Info for Long Lost

Lord Huron presents their fourth studio album, Long Lost. The band has often tried to uncover the past of their studio, Whispering Pines, without much success. Instead, they decided to imagine what has gone on in the studio, who has passed through, and that is how Long Lost was created. Featuring the singles “Not Dead Yet,” “Mine Forever,” “I Lied” and “Love Me Like You Used To.”

"This is atmospheric music of exquisite craft. Compared with the group’s 2018 “Vide Noir,” which was mixed by Dave Fridmann, known for his work with bands including Flaming Lips and Tame Impala, “Long Lost” has a lighter touch, and the connecting snippets help it flow. The album ends with something new from Lord Huron—a 14-minute ambient instrumental that transports you deeper into the world of this record before dropping you back in mundane reality, where your smartphone’s notifications have piled up and the anxieties of the day await. The virtue of “Long Lost” is that it takes you away from all that for an hour. It’s a way of pressing “pause” and allowing your mind to enter a lush and alluring landscape where Mr. Schneider turns out to be an expert guide." (Mark Richardson, wsj.com)

Lord Huron

Unburdened by contractual obligations and working at their studio and informal clubhouse Whispering Pines in Los Angeles, Lord Huron found the freedom and comfort to pursue their vision without compromise. The result is Vide Noir: a sonically bold, bravely-executed saga that pushes the band's sound in ambitious new directions.

Singer, songwriter and producer Ben Schneider found inspiration wandering restlessly through his adopted home of Los Angeles at night. His aimless nocturnal journeys ranged all over the city - across the twinkling grid of the valley; into the creeping shadows of the foothills; through downtown's neon canyons; way out to the darksome ocean. The resulting collection of songs feels like an epic odyssey through the city, across dimensions and out into the cosmos. Many of Vide Noir's songs were tested on the road as early as 2016 and honed with a jeweler's precision into their final form. Dusty ballads share space on the album with punky rippers, '50s sock-hop sways and ethereal electronic passages. Each entry is a glinting star, and together they form a sonic constellation examining the search for meaning amidst the cold indifference of the universe.

Vide Noir was mixed by Dave Fridmann (The Flaming Lips/MGMT) and engineered by Sonny DiPerri (Portugal. The Man, Animal Collective). The album honors the traditions of both rock and folk as it embraces modern studio techniques. The stylistic experimentation speaks to Lord Huron's confidence as storytellers and as craftsmen, armed with a growing array of tools. Lord Huron's work always comes richly adorned, and Vide Noir is no exception. The album will be accompanied by a wealth of imagery, films and immersive experiences crafted to expand upon its narratives and themes. A true multi-media artist, Schneider has previously used videos, a comic book, a choose-your-own-adventure hotline and assorted Easter eggs as means of deepening the listener experience. Fans steely enough to confront the ineffable have already uncovered a few of these accoutrements.

Lord Huron was created by Los Angeles-based Ben Schneider. Born and raised in Michigan, Schneider drew inspiration from the Great Lakes, which were carved by glaciers 14,000 years ago, and his music stands in awe and wonder of the natural world.

After writing and recording two independent EPs (Into the Sun and Mighty) on his own, demand grew for Lord Huron to perform live. Schneider recruited friends Mark Barry (percussion), Miguel Briseño (bass) and Tom Renaud (guitar). Having first played music together at the tender age of 12, the group reunited and quickly hit their stride, transforming the project into a full-fledged band. Lord Huron signed with IAMSOUND, and the label released 2012's Lonesome Dreams, and Strange Trails in 2015.

Strange Trails included the song, "The Night We Met," which was featured in the Netflix original series "13 Reasons Why." The series and song both became hits, and "The Night We Met" was certified platinum in January of 2018. This year also marks the beginning of a unique alliance between Whispering Pines and Republic Records, who will partner in the release of Vide Noir.

Lord Huron has toured extensively in North America and Europe, earning rave reviews and performing for sold-out crowds at some of the world's most prestigious venues. The band has appeared at a wide range of music festivals including Lollapalooza, Coachella, Bonnaroo and Newport Folk Festival.

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